Get to Know the Eclipse PPM Team

Roger Hogan
Senior Consultant of Eclipse PPM

As an Upland Eclipse PPM customer, you may already know Roger through our Boot Camps, training and implementations. Roger, the Senior Consultant for Eclipse PPM, has been key in helping our customers establish project processes, improve efficiencies, and provide strategic value to reach their business goals. As of late, he’s been working hard to support our clients’ transition to the latest version of Eclipse PPM. He has been with Upland for close to five years, and looks forward to continue helping customers get the most out of the solution.

Get to know Roger a little better, and hear his advice for Eclipse PPM customers.

How long have you been with Upland?  

I started at Upland in 2014, so I’m approaching 5 years. In that short time I have seen the company and our solutions grow especially through our customer focused feedback and evolution of Eclipse PPM.

Do you have any certifications?

In addition to my Masters Degree, I have been involved in Project Management for over 15 years and attained my PMP certification in 2005.  Since I am always focused on continuous education and improvement, I do have some short term plans for additional certifications. 😉

What is your role at Upland?

I am a Senior Implementation Consultant for Eclipse PPM.  This means that I interact face to face with our customers (executive sponsors, stakeholders and project managers) to integrate our PPM tool into their business processes with the goal of: (i) standardizing project processes with best and next practices (ii) improving efficiencies and automating reporting (iii) providing strategic value delivery capabilities.  It’s a lot of fun because I’ve gotten to interface with a wide spectrum of customers in various industries such as Healthcare, Universities, Government Agencies, Financial Services to name a few.

What are you working on right now?

We are in the midst of migrating customers to our latest evolution of the Eclipse PPM product, so as a result my time is being split among, onboarding new clients, developing migration plans for and training existing clients, and working with Product Management to integrate customer feedback, as well new feature ideas/opportunities for future iterations of the PPM tool.

What do you do when you’re not helping customers?

I run a free of charge Uber service!  My kids are involved in competitive sports (Dance – Daughter), (Hockey – Son) so I am shuttling little people around on my dime.  Because I travel quite a bit, when I’m home, I make a point to be actively involved in their activities, so I’m either at a dance studio or competition, or on the bench for my son’s hockey team as the trainer.  In between that I try to squeeze in the gym to maintain my sanity.

Any pets?

Not currently.  I used to have a 140lb Bullmastiff but he passed away a few years ago.  From time to time we baby sit a friend’s dog.  My wife and kids have been ganging up on me about getting another dog, so its probably inevitable.

What do you love most about your job?

The sense of pride that I feel when customers start to realize both the anticipated and unanticipated benefits of using our PPM tool.  You can see their level of excitement and engagement intensify whether they are using the tool to track simple tasks, manage large schedules, ascertain accurate resource utilization information or get real-time reporting for business intelligence and decision making.  I also enjoy travelling and doing a little sightseeing after hours.  😊

If you could share one piece of advice to Eclipse customers, what would you like them to know? 

In the Pulse of the Profession 2018 – Success in Disruptive Times, PMI quoted that only 58% of organizations fully understand the value of project management…and organizations that undervalue project management as a strategic competency for driving change, report an average of 50% or more of their projects failing outright.

If this sounds familiar in your organization, or you are experiencing challenges getting value with your investment, please reach out to us!  Eclipse PPM is a powerful and feature rich tool that can help you integrate best practices and next practices, and we integrate customer feedback and add new features regularly.  Let us discuss how we can help you work through your existing challenges whether they be strategic benefits realization, adoption and engagement, resource management utilization or accurate and timely reporting.