The Eclipse PPM Platform

A Unique Combination of Process and Technology, Simplified

Eclipse Project Portfolio Management software delivers a simplified, quick-to-market project, and resource management application that allows organizations to leverage cost saving tools now and deliver instant business value, all while providing a low-risk approach to scale as they grow. Our software focuses on three key areas: Portfolio Management, Project Management, and Resource Management.

Eclipse combines powerful top-level reporting with simple user interfaces. For executives, real-time strategic reports are available with a few clicks. For project managers, keeping projects up-to-date is a quick and efficient process. It’s easy to use and easy to implement, so your projects can be handled smoothly and professionally anywhere, anytime.

Easy to implement, use, and support

Eclipse PPM was created with the end user in mind. Executives, Project Managers, and Resources can all access relevant information quickly and easily. Organizations are successful because user adoption is high, making Eclipse PPM a normal part of the working day.

Leading-edge technology

Eclipse PPM is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that is incredibly easy to use. The RIA interface allows users to customize dashboards with the ease of drag-and-drop technology, and edit project financials, schedule information, and time tracking as if they were working in a spreadsheet. The Eclipse PPM interface also includes convenient tabs that allow users to switch between projects, dashboards, searches, and reports with speed and simplicity. We will continue to develop our product with new releases quarterly so that we can remain at the top of our game and continue to meet our customers’ needs with the latest and most innovative technology.

Low total cost of ownership

Eclipse PPM is hosted in a highly secure data center. This fact, combined with our streamlined implementation process and scalable licensing fees, results in low total cost of ownership for organizations of all types and sizes.

Our Approach

Start simple, succeed, then grow

Eclipse PPM has been successfully implemented in hundreds of organizations using our “keep it simple” implementation approach. Our service teams work with each organization to understand the process maturity level and develop an implementation plan that introduces change incrementally and without risk. As adoption expands and processes mature, Eclipse PPM will grow as well, allowing scalability at the right pace, at the right time.

Customer service is part of the formula

The team at Eclipse PPM understands what it takes to be successful with Project Portfolio Management. Delivering the highest quality customer service during all phases of implementation, management, and support is what sets us apart from other vendors. We aren’t just a vendor; we’re your partner in success.

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