Upland’s Latest Product Release for Eclipse PPM Delivers Key Performance Improvements

May 8, 2017 2 minute read

Upland Admin

Architecture platform upgrades, Early Adopter feedback and new enhancements that increase functionality and efficiency

The release of v6.1 delivers significant advancement of the new v6 architecture platform, and is the first release on this platform that will be publicly available to all customers. Included in this latest version are several new features including Project Dashboards, and Project Templates, along with several enhancements driven by feedback from our Early Adopters. This release allows organizations to utilize more of Eclipse PPM on our new V6 Platform, helping them be more productive and cost-effective in managing multiple projects and resource capacity.

The two significant focus areas of the v6.1 release include:

  • Architecture Platform – Continued feature set migration to the V6 platform. Project Dashboards and Project Templates are the two additional features that have been moved over with this latest release. Only a handful of features remain.
  • Early Adopter Feedback – To achieve our goal of “100% Customer Success”, we are reviewing customer feedback and allowing that to drive a larger portion of our product roadmap. Features that we enhanced with this latest release include adding more data to searches and dashboards, the ability to export tables and charts, and usability improvements on the timesheet.

“With this new release, Eclipse PPM is closer to functional continuity which will allow our customers to utilize more of v6 and increase their productivity gains”, said Kevin Sequeira, Vice President of Product Management at Upland Software. “In response to our close partnerships with our Early Adopter customers, we have also incorporated their feedback into our latest release from their v6 usage to produce further upgrades to our newest version”.

Additional features of the new release include:

  • Performance Improvements to searches and the timesheet.
  • More columns available on searches and dashboards – specifically resources roles and custom properties.
  • Exporting charts and tables from dashboards and search results.
  • A “Make this my Default” preference allowing users to skip the dashboard splash page and go straight to their preferred dashboard.
  • Visual Improvements – Consistency with Upland product suite
  • Reports – Main Reports screen upgraded and 8 different reports were developed
  • Copy Project
  • Timesheet – Usability improvements to the timesheet panel allowing more project data to be visible, and quicker data entry. The addition of a weekly preference to skip over the timesheet splash page.
  • Project Documents Tab – Layout was revamped to show more document data.

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