Project Portfolio Management Simplified


Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a strategic approach aimed at maximizing overall returns on project investments. By focusing on the “right” projects, it is expected that there will be improved organization alignment to strategic plans, as well as optimized utilization of financial and human resources.

Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of misinformation in the marketplace about PPM and many organizations that have attempted to implement these practices have been unsuccessful. Of course, vendors stand by ready to “help” unsuspecting executives with snake oil claims of a “silver bullet” process or a tool to purchase to achieve PPM nirvana.

During this one hour webinar we will demonstrate solid PPM principles – costs, benefits, critical success factors and lessons learned. These principles will help you decide whether pursuing PPM improvement is a valuable and realistic goal for your organization. This presentation will also enhance your knowledge of the PPM lifecycle and provide you with information to help you make key decisions and approaches necessary to launch a successful PPM initiative.


About the Speaker: Jon Fitzgerald is a Senior Solution Consultant within Upland’s Project & IT Financial Management practice, where he leverages both his years of experience in project management in tandem with his expert knowledge of Upland solutions within the PPM & ITFM spaces to help organizations resolve their business challenges. In his time at Upland, Jon has helped Upland forge new partnerships with enterprise organizations in the automotive, health care, real estate, financial, and insurance industries among others. Prior to Upland, Jon worked in various project management and data analysis capacities at John Wiley & Sons, Harris Connect, and Thomson. Jon holds a bachelor¹s degree in Political Science from Kenyon College.



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