5 Key Rules for Successful Martech Implementation

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Successful implementation and utilisation of marketing technology is the backbone to effective digital marketing campaigns.  With over 7000 suppliers now adorning Scott Brinker’s iconic collage of martech, implementing the right solution can be a real challenge.

But what is the right solution?

1. Why?

Start by taking a step back to the objective meetings, the post-it note-strewn table, the SKO meeting and those commercial targets for the year.  What, after all this conflab and planning, are the missing pieces of the jigsaw?

Consider also whether the additional services of ‘tech’ a martech partner will provide are all you require from them.  Many offer the strategic support around the technology, their area of expertise, which ensure you can make the most of the technology they provide.  In some cases, this will be vital and the martech provider acts as a strategic partner as well as the point solution.  This is an ethos Upland CXM firmly subscribe to – with the tech comes the experience and the know-how.

2. Consolidate

You probably already have a marketing stack of tech providers in place, performing various tasks to ensure your digital marketing works for you and your brand.  The first port of call should be speaking to your current providers about your goals beyond their current remit.  A strong relationship with your martech supplier is valuable. If you are able to expand your work with them to fulfil the new ambitions, you are with a company you trust and can potentially benefit from economies of scale.  Many brands trust Upland CXM for their voice of the customer, email/mobile marketing and knowledge management.   As our customers bring together more of our point solutions, enveloped by our strategy, support and professional services, they can efficiently improve their First-Person Marketing and deliver Sentiment-Driven Marketing.

3. #teamwork

Plans forged, martech partners cited and objectives defined.  Ensuring all the stakeholders are involved throughout this process is key and will save time, cost and internal relationships! Securing the business case will get holistic and commercial buy-in from those ‘upstairs’, but you must also consider the wider team.  For example, will there be a need for IT to work with the martech company IT to ensure there is efficient data flow (see the Measure ‘n Test below)?  Let’s face it, your dev team is always busy, so an effective integration plan internally is vital.

4. Partnership

Your martech partners likely work with other customers who may be interested in your services.  Over time, developing a strong commercial partnership with the martech providers can be a great sales tool.  This may be as simple as a referral agreement where partners receive  small reward, relative to the costs of services, for introductions.

However, this can extend into a more robust reseller agreement or indeed a joint value proposition.  Trust is invaluable in the competitive world of martech, and this can extend to the recommendation of your services

5. Measure/Test

The age-old mantra inscribed on the tablet of every marketing department the world over.  This follows on from the point around teamwork.  The data and success reporting of the new martech partner will provide valuable insight into the impact of the partner but also will form add to the make-up of your single-customer view.  Ensure this valuable data (email marketing metrics, customer feedback scores, mobile messaging success) is fed back to your CDP, CRM, data warehouse, and any business intelligence tools you use. That way, you can effectively report on the success of your new martech efforts, fuel your First-Person Marketing and deliver Sentiment-Driven Marketing.

Start at the beginning, making small incremental changes to the current process. Then, fine-tune, repeat, learn, fail, improve and grow.  Measurable testing and working closely with the martech partner will enable you to isolate the return on the investment of the new martech, please those ‘upstairs’ and over time enable you to expand further.

In Conclusion…

There are some fantastic martech solutions to suit all requirements and budgets. However, to get the most from your martech investment, you must stay true to the goals of your marketing efforts and ensure you are entering a partnership with martech suppliers.  A successful implementation must be measurable and kept simple.

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