Accelerating A Customer-Obsessed, Moments-Based Customer Experience


Your digitally-savvy consumers expect brands to understand them, and their expectations are changing fast. With COVID-19 impacting businesses in unprecedented ways, companies are challenged to meet their customers’ needs now more than ever.

Positive customer experiences yield big dividends, including loyalty, customer retention, and increased profits. To create a great experience, brands must become customer-obsessed and focus on moments-based experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Marketers: Can your company accelerate a customer-obsessed strategy that is customer-led and insights-driven? Have you made the appropriate marketing technology investments to deliver moments-based experiences across the customer lifecycle?

This on-demand webinar features a discussion with Forrester’s VP and Principal Analyst, Rusty Warner, about the critical moments-based marketing investments that are vital for your brand’s future success. You will learn:

  • How to pivot to a customer-obsessed strategy
  • The marketing technology investments that enable moments-based experiences
  • The key differences between personalization and moments-based experiences, and how they’ll benefit your customers
  • How to rationalize legacy and new martech investments to close that gap between insights and engagements

Ready to kick your customer experience up a notch? Watch the webinar now!


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