Configure Custom Workflows for a Wide Variety of Use Cases

The beauty of Intelligent Capture is that the possibilities are endless. By automating decisions on document classifications, data, and user assignments, Intelligent Capture has the tools necessary to fit even the most obscure workflows.

  • Automate Document Profiling

    Profiling a document is the act of associating information with a document, such as a date or vendor number. Simplify this process with tools like automated document classification and data extraction to have it done before it gets to you.

  • Custom Workflow Creation

    Have a process that’s a little outside the box? No problem, Intelligent Capture can be configured in an infinite amount of ways given the flexibility of the workflow creator. Create whatever workflow your organization needs, easily.

  • User Permission Management

    Users can be configured to have a widely varying assortment of privileges. Things such as workflow visibility and even access to features in Intelligent Capture can be limited to specific users or subsets of users.

  • Automated Faxing

    Based on workflow triggers and without manual intervention, Intelligent Capture automatically sends digital faxes to preconfigured numbers for high-volume use cases.

  • Forms Classification and Extraction

    Classification and extraction is exciting new technology that can intuitively read documents based on complex rule sets that can search for specific key terms and sequences in a document and pull them out and have them ready for document profiling.

  • Document Indexing

    Indexing is similar to classification and extraction but is a more manual process and may be preferential for some customers in certain scenarios. Using tools like lassos and point-and-click OCRing, Intelligent Capture can help speed up the data entry process.

Notable Solutions


Vendor Lifecycle Management

Have Intelligent Capture sit on the front end of your document-related vendor workflows. From selection and onboarding through contracts and approvals, Upland automates the entire vendor lifecycle with features like our vendor management portal, where your vendors can self-service by submitting documentation and invoices, as well as track their own payments.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Upland Intelligent Capture securely gathers all documentation, from scanned documents to email attachments, faxes, and system uploads. Once appropriate workflow has been enacted, documents and information will be sent on to FileBound and will be placed directly in the employee file where encryption, permissioned access, and audit protocols protect the employee’s information.

Secure and Compliant Fax Communications

Our scalable routing features for secure and controlled fax activity dramatically reduce overhead and maintenance costs, enhance document-intensive business processes, and improve employee productivity. Built within Intelligent Capture is the capability to leverage the Upland cloud faxing infrastructure, allowing fax sending and aspects of receiving to be automated within your document workflows.

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