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Do Everything From Your Home Screen

Interface simplicity is the key to improving digital business processes. With Intelligent Capture, we kept that key factor in mind when designing the user experience. Everything starts at the home screen, and this remains true for both admins and end users. From personalizable dashboards with key process KPI’s to document lists that are queued for a user action, Intelligent Capture lets you choose what is most important to you.


Simple Workflow Creation

Create complex workflows easily. At the core of Intelligent Capture is a powerful workflow engine. Configuring workflows is easier than ever with a no-code based user-friendly interface. You can drag and drop decision-making steps and configure actions to follow based on different criteria.

Dashboards and Analytics

Build personalized dashboards that let you choose what content is the most important. Our customizable dashboard provides users with key insights into different areas of workflows and promotes transparency by showing users exactly where documents are currently sitting.

upland intelligent capture dashboard

Forms Automation

Time is precious. Get yours back by eliminating manual data entry. With forms automation and indexing in Intelligent Capture, users eliminate the tedious tasks and accelerate the document lifecycle while reducing errors associated with manual data entry.

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