Creating Solutions for a Remote Business Reality

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Jessie Barth

You’ve probably heard about “Digital Transformation” quite a bit in 2020. After all, the events of this spring constituted a marked shift: society has transformed, business models have changed, and that means we must evolve our business processes as well.

Upland Content Lifecycle Automation has already worked for years to improve productivity and reduce operational costs by enabling Digital Transformation for any size business. We know that Digital Transformation is more than just refreshing your approach to technology—it’s a strategy that enables seamless adaptability to rapid market changes.

Working together, Content Lifecycle Automation’s product solutions combine disparate, disjointed business processes to create streamlined lifecycles that capture data and content, automate workflows, and offer strategic insights based on intelligent analytics from the point of capture through archival. We want to help you overcome challenges and boost business performance, instead of getting lost in time-consuming process details.

Upland Intelligent Capture is the premier multi-tenant, cloud-ready, mobile-equipped capture solution, outfitted with machine learning technology to gather images and improve data accuracy automatically from any device. Use cases:

  • Remote-work ready: Mobile capture capabilities allow workers to submit documents from any mobile device.
  • Eliminate manual data entry: Automatically extract key data points from captured images to reduce errors and streamline work.

Upland AccuRoute is a server-based, centralized enterprise-class document process automation solution that enables secure scan, capture, and fax communications solutions for a remote workforce. Use cases:

  • Legal records management: Busy staff has access to digital case files and workflows from anywhere.
  • Financial services communications: Robust security and compliant to regulatory standards like Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Biley, SEC 17-A(4), and Anti-Money Laundering.

Upland InterFAX is a secure, globally accessible cloud fax solution that enables high-capacity transmission and reception of faxes from any internet-connected application and allows for an integrated faxing developer API to customize services. Use cases:

  • Healthcare EMR API: Integrated into the most prominent EMRs to provide a fax backbone for every transaction.
  • Corporate America: Reliable, secure delivery of employee COVID test results.

Upland FileBound is a cloud-ready, intelligent automated document management solution that allows users to build automated workflow processes and centrally manage documents to improve transparency, ensure compliance, and boost collaboration. Use cases:

  • Accounts payable: Streamlined, transparent processes for vendor onboarding and payment management.
  • Employee lifecycle management: Simplified workflows for new hires, employee management, and terminations protocols.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses to evolve their processes. That’s why we offer scalable, customizable solutions that encompass the entire document lifecycle. Our strategic approach and comprehensive technology solutions help organizations improve operational efficiency, drive down costs, improve transparency, expand accessibility to business processes, and improve data security. Whatever your industry, size, or business goals—all these components are critical to thrive in this digital era of work.

Our goal is to ensure business continuity by providing more efficient processes to enable work from anywhere, at any time. We’re taking on this new business reality head on, and our customers are already reaping the benefits. Contact us to learn more about how you can make the shift.

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