Localytics Third-Party Subprocessors

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Description of Service

Amazon Web Services United States Hosted Infrastructure Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the hosting provider utilized by Upland for infrastructure and applications.
Amazon CloudFront United States Content Delivery Support Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) that helps distribute static and dynamic content quickly and reliably with high speed.
Appcues United States Product Support Appcues provides product-based benefits to enhance customer communication, resources, and tools for new and existing customers.
Auth0 United States Authentication Services Auth0 provides sign on authentication and authorization service.
Movable Ink United States In-App Message Customization Movable Ink is a messaging feature tool that supports personalized in-app message content.
NetAcquity United States IP Geolocation Solution NetAcquity provides IP geolocation software and information.
Periscope Data United States Data Visualization Periscope is a unified data platform that provides Localytics query, analytics and data visualization tools.
Sendgrid United States Cloud Services Sendgrid provides email notifications to customers.
Snowflake United States Cloud Services Snowflake provides virtual data warehousing