Benefits Of Using A Knowledge Management Solution

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Upland Admin

Having a solution to share knowledge provides organizations a competitive advantage and real value by:

  • Preventing staff from constantly having to waste time learning how to do something when the knowledge is available
  • Protecting intellectual capital
  • Providing a baseline for progress measurement
  • Reducing the burden on expert attrition
  • Making visual thinking tangible and providing a way to share information
  • Managing large volumes of information effectively to help employees provide services better and faster.
  • With corporate mergers, employee turnover and global expansion; knowledge management provides the capability for people to share information with overseas peers, keep current on global matters and have quick answers to their questions.

Providing needed information through Upland Software’s RightAnswers knowledge management helps solve most of the common business problems and helps companies increase their benefits by:

  • Improving decisions and building knowledge through access to expertise and to leading practices
  • Increasing efficiency, productivity and working smarter by having to reinvent something already known
  • Improving innovation through wider and borderless knowledge management
  • Reducing a “knowledge leak” by capturing knowledge and making it available
  • Speeding productivity with on-board trainings and timely access to knowledge
  • Increasing client satisfaction by delivering value insights and real-world examples
  • Enhancing quality by standardizing on established best practices

Upland Software’s RightAnswers is a knowledge management solution providing more than just knowledge capture, it provides the right information to people when they need it and in ways they can best make use of it. RightAnswers can become an integral part of any other application to provide real-time answers.

Check out our PMO Toolkit to learn how you can support knowledge management by supercharging your Project Management Office.

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