Real Time Collaboration with PowerSteering and Microsoft Teams

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There seems to be a few things we’ve all collectively learned so far in 2020.

  1. The age-old mantra “location, location, location” holds up just as strong as it ever did.
  2. Staying connected with your teammates is an ongoing and always important process to work on improving—virtual happy hour anyone?
  3. When uncertain time’s make things hectic, everyone could use an extra helping hand.

PowerSteering’s new integration with Microsoft Teams is here to enable real-time collaboration across functions through your already existing enterprise-wide collaboration tools. The new integration comes at a great time and is here to help with all these timely lessons and lots more.

Location, Location, Location

In one breath, the past few months have shown us the possibility of location meaning less. Remote work is on the riseCompanies are planning for no offices  far into the future… These stories right now are a dime a dozen.

In another breath, location can mean many things. Here it’s less physical. More virtual. Less rigid. More flexible.

As a busy employee straining to juggle projects on top of projects the last thing you want to worry about is wasting time jumping between applications you aren’t familiar with. The struggle of losing an hour toying with an application you only open a few times a week is somewhere we’ve all been before.

What we all want now is the flexibility to work where we want, whether that be the apps you’re most comfortable with or the couch in your living room.

PowerSteering’s new integration with MS Teams helps with just that.

Users can now add Microsoft Teams Files to Project Summary, meaning you can view and open all files added to a Microsoft Teams Channel directly in PowerSteering and vice versa. No longer will you have to toggle between PowerSteering and Microsoft Teams.

These files can include documents, images, or any other format. Users can download the files directly from PowerSteering for online or offline viewing. The file structure also can follow any project processes in place. For example, you are using a 5-gate process, the documents in MS Teams will also follow this structure.

Real Time Collaboration and Communication

Alongside the ability to gather all your information into the place you most want is now the ability to turn right around and work through the information together.

Built into each project is now a place for real-time team collaboration to track on-going discussions, meeting minutes, recordings of meetings and more. This pulling of information into one communal place is important because it will give you a better opportunity to get everyone who needs to be involved taking part in the conversation. Project stakeholders can even be notified of things like changes to project status, scope, timeline or budget.

Not only will you be able to directly chat and track new ideas and where things need to go next, you will also be able to take the action right then and there.

As organizations continue to experiment with the physicality of where everyone is, we want to continue to experiment with helping you maintain that possibility of bringing everyone together.

An Extra Helping Hand

We believe one thing that makes an integration or application useful is its overall ability to simply help you get your work done easier.

Alongside the new integration with Microsoft Teams comes the ability to better interact with your Upland Virtual Assistant. You will now be able to type your questions to the UVA and get project information delivered to you rather than searching within your Upland Solution. This is not only helpful if you’re a PowerSteering Master but also should increase user adoption by making it easier to get answers to your common questions. With it, the ability to better manage project process on the fly by creating and noting items like issues, risks and actionable next steps.

At the end of the day we hope this new integration will help your team better enable real time collaboration with PowerSteering, getting projects completed while still integrating with the preferred tools that are your current standard.


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