Agile – What It Is and Why You Need It


If your organization is adopting Agile methodology for project delivery, then you need to get up to speed on the terminology, the techniques, and how to incorporate it into your PPM model.

This webinar Introduction to Agile – What it is and why you need it walks through an introduction to Agile, talks about how it can benefit your organization, and show how Upland’s PowerSteering can become the single-source of truth for your portfolio.

Hear John Filicetti, PPM Evangelist talk about:

  • The Basics: What is Agile? How did it come about, and what do all those words (scrum master, sprint, epic) mean?
  • How to know when Agile is a better delivery approach and when it’s not
  • How to integrate and prioritize your agile portfolio at the enterprise level, from within PowerSteering


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