Acquisition strategy: Bringing together built-for-purpose, cloud-based products for our customers

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Team Upland

An important part of Upland Software’s growth strategy is to build our family of cloud-based tools for digital transformation through strategic acquisitions. We seek best-of-breed products that are complementary to our other cloud-based applications because they either expand our presence in an existing market or enable us to broaden the reach within one of our focus areas.

We acquire businesses with great products, people, and customers and provide them with scalability and financial backing, so they can innovate more rapidly and deliver an unparalleled user experience. Through our world-class capabilities in enterprise sales, cloud hosting and customer success, and our significant investments across the organization, we efficiently integrate and accelerate the growth of new acquisitions.

With each acquisition, we create a cross-functional integration team of key executives, departmental managers, and corporate development to enable a seamless onboarding for new Upland products, employees, customers, and partners. We believe organizations get better ongoing value and true competitive advantage from best-in-class cloud products that offer interoperability with other enterprise systems, so we also quickly incorporate new products into the Upland Cloud to enable simple integrations between us and third-party applications.

We have repeatedly proven with these investments that we can accelerate the sales and customer satisfaction of acquired companies, and extend their category leadership.

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