Upland AccuRoute 6.6 Expands Fax API Support, Extends MFP Integrations, and Increases DMS Visibility

March 21, 2023 3 minute read

Team Upland

AccuRoute’s latest release is designed to further extend integrations and features most used by current customers. New features included in the release enhance the users’ experience at the multi-function peripheral (MFP) by adding support for Lexmark and enabling users to browse their document management system (DMS) folders directly from the device panel.

“The key focus for this release was to continue enhancements to security, expand the user experience at the device and most importantly, leverage customer driven enhancements, “said Shawn Freligh, SVP and General Manager of Content Lifecycle Automation solutions at Upland. “We’ve also expanded AccuRoute’s APIs to be more flexible, allowing our customers to connect to AccuRoute more readily, allowing more integrations with less work to leverage AccuRoute’s document processing and delivery engine. The latter is critical for the healthcare industry as fax traffic is becoming more crucial to ensure the security of transmitted Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, while accelerating patient services such as surgery requests, local physician notes, and radiology orders.”

Key features of AccuRoute’s latest release include:

  • Improved Fax API Capabilities – AccuRoute 6.6 includes a new REST-based API to support the sending and retrieval of fax messages from the AccuRoute software while enabling easier integration with other products and applications.
  • Extended Lexmark Device Support –The Universal Device Client (UDC) is a universal experience for AccuRoute’s device interface that allows sets of buttons and prompts to be populated and actionable from the MFP device panel and is now available on Lexmark Framework 5 and 6 devices.
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery Automation – AccuRoute 6.6 has disaster recovery (DR) options built in to handle major site disruptions requiring a “failover” to a secondary site that does not require the use of the server administrator.
  • Required .NET Core update – Microsoft .NET Core is a core foundational component that supports the underlying capabilities of the AccuRoute Client. AccuRoute 6.6 has been updated from .NET Core 3.8 to the latest .NET Core 6.0 LTS version as part of the requirement to remain current with the latest .NET Core.
  • Support for Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint – With AccuRoute 6.6 organizations can provide a single OneDrive account to access users’ accounts provided by the organization, eliminating the need for users to perform an authorization within AccuRoute to scan to or print from OneDrive. An improved SharePoint integration has also been extended to enable custom SharePoint URLs, which make it easier for end users to find and use their organization’s Microsoft SharePoint site, such as “MyCompanySharePoint.com.”

An extension of this release will include extended folder navigation at the MFP to route documents directly into iManage and NetDocuments, two document management systems already supported by AccuRoute. The extension will also provide permissioned users with the ability to include basic profiling information that is required when scanning to iManage and NetDocuments.

To learn more about AccuRoute 6.6 watch the on-demand product release webinar from March 15, 2023 or visit uplandsoftware.com/AccuRoute.

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