Success Story

California consulting firm transforms information access with simplified search

The firm rapidly executed their strategy and vision to provide powerful advanced enterprise search capabilities, delivering a game-changing solution to their employees.

Due to rapid expansion and integration of new players and systems, it had become difficult for this organizational consulting firm to ensure employees could locate the information they needed to provide their clients with the best services. Crucial information resided in multiple enterprise systems. This left employees unsure of where to look to find the information they needed for daily work. The firm knew they needed an advanced enterprise search for consulting solution.

Benefits of enterprise search for consulting:

  • The firm incorporated all data into a single search index to provide all employees with fast access to all data across Salesforce, SharePoint, and more.
  • Employees can easily connect with subject matter experts who have worked on similar projects and find existing pitch decks and documentation that cover similar subjects.
  • Users can uncover curated assets that help accelerate their pitch decks, and can even recover emails and documents that were filed away years ago.

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The challenge

Putting a new enterprise search software solution into place required an executive-level vision and strategy by partnering with BA Insight. The vision is described as making information easy to access and bringing it as close to each person as possible. They wanted to provide employees with the frictionless ability to find other experts within the firm and share that information with them for the purpose of collaboration.

How they did it

The solution to their pain points included a combination of the following:

  • Salesforce and SQL Connectors to integrate all corporate data into a single search index, along with all content stored within SharePoint. This directly addressed awareness around “everything the firm can offer” by enabling access to this data across all employees.
  • Salesforce In-App Search to integrate the single search application directly within Salesforce, so employees who worked every day in Salesforce could find all the necessary data without ever leaving Salesforce.
  • Visual Refiners to enhance the search user experience allowed employees to quickly find the correct data or expert for their specific issue.

The results

The firm rapidly executed their strategy and vision to provide powerful advanced legal search solutions, consulting capabilities, delivering a game-changing solution to their employees. The firm’s executive team are not ones to rest on their laurels. They are already researching ways to increase the competitive advantage that they have built with their search system. They are studying and implementing bots, voice integration, and a slew of AI services, and they’re doing it quickly.

“For us, it’s more of a question of how to morph and evolve to provide search experiences to match the different ways their employees consume work and collaborate with each other. We are taking advantage of the technological advances that make it easier to accomplish that.”

Organizational Consulting firm

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