Your website visitors deserve a better search experience

Your website experience is all about providing business-critical content to users searching for solutions.

Your website is your first customer touchpoint. Help them find what they need.

Your website is so much more than a set of static pages with a great design and outstanding navigation. Your website experience is all about providing business-critical content to users searching for solutions. And instead of clicking around aimlessly, your website visitors want to be able to rely on your website’s search box functionality to find the information they need.

Organizations like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others have set the standard for website experience. Studies suggest that when people search and immediately receive results relevant to them, the conversion ratio is much higher. So there’s work to be done for many organizations looking to create a similar user experience.

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What does that mean? Your company needs to make the search box prominent on your site, but more than that, it also needs to do the following:

  • Provide Natural Language Search that understands user intent.
  • Offer suggestions and provide personalized search results.
  • Provide filtering features to help visitors quickly get to what they are looking for.
  • Make sure it’s responsive.
  • Provide accurate answers with natural language.

BA Insight’s enterprise search software transforms the outcome of digital interactions through advanced search experiences that are relevant, personalized, and actionable. Our advanced search software not only works within websites, but also with customer portals and across enterprises; turning searches into actionable insights, regardless of where your content is or users reside.

Our enterprise search technology consists of these key components:

  • SmartHub, a user experience platform that integrates with AI technology to provide a
    modern, web-like search experience.
  • AutoClassifier, which provides AI-integrated automated tagging to deliver highly accurate
    and relevant first page results.
  • Connectors, which provide users with integrated search across 90+ information sources.
  • SmartAutomation, which uses API-led connectivity to make search actionable.

Improve workplace productivity. Visit our enterprise search webpage to learn more about what Upland BA Insight can do for you.

See the case made visually. Watch our quick enterprise overview video for a quick summary of ways our enterprise search gets real results.

Want more evidence? Check out our library of customer success stories.


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