Automatically Resending to Non-openers with MessageFocus

MessageFocus now provides users with a simple way of automatically resending campaigns to recipients that have not opened an email. Used in the correct circumstances, resending to non-openers can be an effective means of generating additional return on investment, with minimal effort.

Users of MessageFocus have always been able to resend their campaigns to recipients that have not opened by applying a filter to an existing campaign. However, as this process has become more commonplace, users have begun to ask if we could streamline this process to make it even easier.

How to automatically resend a campaign to non-openers

When launching campaign, just select the “˜Automatically resend this campaign to non-openers’ checkbox. This will create a duplicate of the campaign in your project and will allow you to schedule the follow-up there and then, rather than after the campaign has launched.

You also have the option to change the subject line used in the follow-up campaign – for instance, you may want to prefix the existing subject with “˜Reminder:’, so it doesn’t look like the recipient is receiving duplicate emails.

If at any point you wish to cancel the send or make changes to the content before launch, you can navigate to the new campaign by using the ‘Follow-up campaign’ link within the campaign overview of the parent campaign. Likewise, the follow-up campaign has a link directly back to the parent campaign, so you can quickly navigate between the two.

Customizing the content for follow-up campaigns

Because we understand that sending recipients the exact same email isn’t always ideal, we have given you the ability to add conditional content to your parent campaign that will only display in the follow-up. Here’s an example:

[* IF info.is_followup_campaign *]
We just want to make sure you received this email on Monday about our limited time offer. There’s only 3 days left, so make sure you don’t miss out.
[* END *]

How to manually resend a campaign to non-openers after it has been launched

If you have an existing campaign that has already been launched, you can create a new follow-up campaign at any point by using the ‘Create follow-up to non-openers’ button in the campaign report. Once clicked, it will take you to a new copy of your campaign, with a filter applied to exclude anyone that has opened. All you need to do is make any desired changes to the content and launch.

Further information on how to use this feature can be found within the MessageFocus help documentation.

I hope that you enjoy this new functionality and the many updates that we’ve brought to the new MessageFocus over the last 6 months. On behalf of the team, we’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave us comment below or send us an email.

Carl Chambers

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