Industry-Leading Lifecycle Marketing Features

On the hunt for a new lifecycle and email marketing solution? Look no further than Adestra, complete with an automated journey builder, advanced segmentation, personal delivery time capabilities, and more.

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Unique Multi-Layer Account Structure

Manage your portfolio of brands, customers, or products through a single Adestra account with the unique Workspace layout, comprised of a tiered structure from Workspace user to overall account admin.

Multi-Device Dynamic Content Editor

Effortlessly personalise each subscriber’s email experience—send an email to your list and display dynamic content based each subscribers’ demographics, email metrics, and device.

Automated Customer Journey Builder

The intuitive drag & drop builder brings your subscribers on an automated and dynamic email and SMS journey. Tailor each step of the journey to audience behaviors and preferences, ensuring an intelligent personalised experience for every subscriber.

Personal Delivery Time

Increase email engagement rates by personalising the delivery time of your emails to each subscriber. With a simple click, this AI-powered tool optimises the send time of your emails based on when your subscribers are most likely to engage and convert.

Comprehensive Testing Suite

Deliver top-performing emails every time with comprehensive multi-variant testing options that automatically identify and send the winning content combination. In addition, use device render testing to ensure your content is displayed consistently across desktop, mobile, and webmail platforms.

Real-Time Insights

Know the performance of your email program at any point in time, and easily report back to your stakeholders with real-time data. User-friendly dashboards give you a complete view of your campaigns with data visualisations including heatmaps, key benchmarks, geo-tracking, and more.

Seamless Martech Connectivity

Ensure email is an integral cog in your marketing technology stack by connecting to our suite of technical integrations, including user-interface data import and export tools or our comprehensive API to transfer data and content from other marketing applications.

Actionable Segmentation

Ensure your emails are being delivered to the best-fit audiences using our dynamic list segmentation tool. Filter lists based on subscriber attributes, including demographics, preferences, and behaviors, and apply these detailed lists to your automated journeys for highly personalised email experiences.

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