MessageFocus – Easy Subject Line Personalisation

Personalising your subject line can help to improve your email open rates. MessageFocus makes adding basic personalisation to your subject line easy.

Here is how it works:

In the campaign options section of MessageFocus, add a subject line for your email, place your cursor where you want your personalisation to be displayed, for example, if you want the recipients first name at the beginning of the subject line, place your cursor there and leave a space.

Next to the subject line box, is the personalisation button which enables you to add basic personalisation into your subject line.

Click and select personalisation, then select your core table and all the fields associated with that core table will be displayed, select the required field, e.g. first name and click ok.

The coding has now been added to your subject line and when you launch your campaign the recipients first name for example will be added to the subject line.

If you know that some of your first name fields are empty, then the personalisation will not be added to the subject line and the email will be sent without the personalisation (the recipient will not see the coding so you don’t need to worry about that!).

Good luck with your subject line personalisation!

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