Testing Tip of the Week: How many CTAs should you have?

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Upland Admin

A few weeks ago we suggested you test the placement of your images in an email.

This week we continue the campaign layout tests with a question I’m sure many of you have wondered about: how many links should you include in your campaign? Common knowledge suggests that when we have too much choice we tend to make none, but the only way to know is test!

It also depends very much on what you’re trying to achieve with your email, but we would recommend maximizing your clickable area. This could mean linking text, the image and the button to a single goal like we suggest in this survey tips post. Or it could be that you’re working on a newsletter and you’re wondering how many new resources to include.

Some tests you could do around calls-to-action (CTA)

  • Half and/or double your CTAs. What’s the worst that can happen? Even a radical decline in clicks in one campaign won’t be the end of the world. It will only help you understand your audience better.
  • Place an important CTA towards the middle or end of the newsletter. We knew that our Campaign of the Month articles are always popular and by testing the placement we discovered that using them as the penultimate resource attracted additional clicks to the ones above because it would encourage recipients to scroll through more content.
  • Do text links of buttons get more clicks? According to industry best practice, buttons are easier to tap on a mobile device where fonts are smaller, but you never know!
  • Include more CTAs but group it in themes so subscribers can easily identify what they’re interested in.

Let us know what and why you tested a particular approach to CTAs in the comments below and check our other suggestions too.

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