Top 10 Email Clients in March 2019

Wondering how many people are opening their emails on mobile, desktop or webmail?

These stats are provided to show global trends in email client usage. When making decisions about optimizing for your own audience, you should check your own stats. What does your top 10 look like?

  1. iPhone 34.8% (+1.3%)
  2. Gmail 26.2% (-1.1%)
  3. iPad 18.9% (-0.1%)
  4. Outlook 7.6% (-0.5%)
  5. Android 8.2% (+0.4%)
  6. AOL 1.1% (+0.1%)
  7. Windows Live Mail 0.9% (-0.1%)
  8. Thunderbird 0.9% (+0%)
  9. iCloud 0.9% (+0%)
  10. Apple Mail 0.4% (+0%)

This top 10 is based on data gathered by Upland Adestra from campaigns sent worldwide from Adestra’s platform. These statistics are updated each month, the current period is March 1st – 31st.

Due to automatic image blocking some email clients or devices may be over- or under-represented. This is presented as a global summary. Individual audiences, segments, and demographics will be different.


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