Using your Time Wisely at Major Martech Exhibitions

So, you’ve signed up to an industry-wide event. Now it’s time to understand how it could benefit your personal goals and overcome your company’s key challenges.

Our clients over at IBC proved just how important it is to understand what content subscribers are looking for and whether delegates attending their events share a genuine interest. By using a two-stage re-engagement strategy, IBC nurtured an impressive 16% of their contacts and achieved open rates of up to 25%.

Now picture yourself on the other side of the relationship: it’s important to research into the different companies attending and find out how they could help in improving your marketing strategy – this is especially relevant if the event is specific to your industry.

So many stands, so little time

Look at your calendar for the year and ask yourself the following questions:

What am I missing in my marketing strategy?
What will help me to achieve my company’s goals?

The questions above will lead your focus when choosing with whom to speak during your time at the event. Grab yourself an expo plan (or download the event app if available) and identify which companies you’d like to meet.

However, not everyone has the time to prep beforehand so a last-minute scan may be in order. A well-designed stand will have the ability to grab a delegate’s attention and reel them in. Look out for signage and collateral when picking out your potential supplier: can you clearly understand what the company sell and what they can offer you?

It’s also a bonus if you can get a little bit techy. At Upland Adestra a main feature of our stand is the capability to demo what the Adestra platform can do, and give people a chance to play around with it for themselves. Fancy creating your own email campaign? Or maybe you want to check out the different platform features? Get interactive and have a demo. Not only does it give you exclusive access to the platform, it gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have face-to-face.

Content is key

Typically, a marketing exhibition will have a handful of stages covering different topic areas with marketers from top brands sharing key insights.

Looking back on previous exhibitions, I can vividly recall sitting in on a presentation and within ten minutes thinking: this is interesting but how does it fit with my marketing strategy?

Again, look for keywords and think about what will benefit you in the long run.

Marketing Show North: a must for marketers

At Marketing Show North on February 27th we’ll be focusing on how you can implement an effective strategy which works for your company using our essential First-Person Marketing pillars. From automation to cross-channel engagement, the testing process offers great insights into your subscribers’ preferences while also allowing you to use the data to improve this.

As an example, our client Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), recognized that they didn’t have a clear direction of what content their subscribers were looking at due to duplication across different teams. As a solution, RIBA re-designed their template reflecting brand guidelines and focused on building a preference center with the Adestra team. This resulted in 25% of their subscribers updating their preferences, helping to save time and optimize data effectively.

Our Customer Success Manager Suzy will be sharing further success stories from our clients and how you can utilize this into your own strategy. With exclusive insights into how top brands have achieved great results, it’s worth bringing a notebook and pen to jot down ideas you can use straight away at the office!

27th February, 11am

Marketing Tech Theatre
Event City, Manchester

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