Wickedly Good Halloween Email Examples to Treat your Subscribers

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It’s not too late to treat your customers to a bit of Halloween fun. Be inspired by these six B2C companies for spooky copy and terrifying email design.

As we learned this summer, reacting to the events around you can help you achieve more with your emails. Whether your goal is to increase your open rates, engagement rates or conversion, real-time marketing can help. It involves being part of specific cultural events in consumers’ lives, but make sure you have something relevant or valuable to say, otherwise you’re only jumping on a bandwagon.

We took apart some of the emails we received for Halloween, so you can be inspired to have fun with your own campaigns.

Update: If you like this one, check out the 2016 and 2015 edition too.

Spook your audience with your copy

From subject line to the email copy, the Hotel Chocolat email has Halloween written all over it. It uses words like treatswicked, spooky, spine-tingling  for a focused message. So if all the images were taken away, we would still know what this email is about.

Another great example comes from Fortnum & Mason, with their spooky product descriptions ‘Crunch on white chocolate bones’  and ‘Dracula himself would appreciate this spooky hamper’.

Terrify through design

Accessorize did this very well with their horror movie-inspired font for the title and dripping call-to-action buttons. Fortnum & Mason are also a great example, with the spider on the first call-to-action button. They could have exploited this more in the rest of the email.

However, Hotel Chocolat gets the first prize for consistent design with the webby banner at the bottom and the pumpkin, bat and coffin background.

Don’t be scared to get to the point

Cadbury and MAC included all the tips from above in a short and sweet email with a focused call-to-action. After all, Halloween is all about using make-up creatively, and sweets. I’ll have some Screme Eggs please!

Treat your subscribers to something they value

Many (if not most) Pinterest boards have a DIY focus to them, so when it comes to ideas for Halloween, the social network is a crowdsourced encyclopaedia. The subject line for this Pinterest email could have been much more enticing, but its concepts and the content of the email capitalised on their audience’s interests.

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