Success Story

Incisive Media gets more email to the inbox with Deliverability Workshops

One of the world's most established publishers in the finance and technology sectors, Incisive Media, needed expert advice for improving inbox placement.


  • Increase awareness of how and why emails can be blocked from getting to their audience’s inbox
  • Give marketers practical best practice tips to help avoid junk folders
  • Improve open rates
  • Provide a framework for repeating and improving the exercise

Incisive Media is one of the world’s most established publishers in the finance and technology sectors.

Incisive Media bring award-winning journalism and analysis to the asset management, wealth management, institutional pensions, IT channel and enterprise technology sectors. Titles such as Computing and Investment Week have become the go-to destination for subject matter expert content, and they bring sellers to buyers through a series of events.

The Solution

As part of the regular account reviews, Upland Adestra’s CSM suggested including a Premier Success Plan (PSP) in the upcoming contract renewal. This would mean projects could be realised throughout the year by securing the money up-front instead of making a case for budget at various points of the year. This created the opportunity to utilise Upland Adestra’s Professional Services and have a Deliverability Consultant use days from the PSP to review practices – how and where data is acquired, how regularly it’s cleaned, contact frequency, copy and design – and deliver 2 x ½ day workshops to the marketing team.

Both Workshops included an education element but most importantly, practical recommendations looking at real examples of campaigns. Time was set aside from the PSP for follow-ups from both workshops that included a health check on sender reputation for Incisive Media using Return Path software.

The Result

Feedback from the marketing team was very positive, and within a few days the team had implemented many of the recommendations and saw immediate results. 2 campaigns both of which had the same content and sent to the same audience saw:

Campaign 1
  • Pre workshop recommendations Open Rate = 9.7% compared to 26% for post workshop with recommendations implemented
  • Pre workshop recommendations Click Through Rate = 1.1% compared to 2.9% for post workshop with
    recommendations implemented
Campaign 2
  • Pre workshop-recommendations Open Rate = 8.8% compared to 24% for post workshop with recommendations implemented
  • Pre workshop-recommendations Click Through Rate = 0.9% compared to 2.0% for post workshop with
    recommendations implemented

Both campaigns generated in excess of 400% more volume of leads too, despite being sent to almost half the list size.

What’s Next?

Incisive Media intend to replicate the project with Upland Adestra every 6 months using the Premier Service Plan to look to maintain / improve on a regular basis. The Premier Service Plan will be used to fund another project with Upland Adestra’s Professional Services team – the roll-out from a pilot initiative to create and send emails based on actual content consumed.

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