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Automation and relevant content delivered a 42% open rate and more attendees to UBM event

UBM used automation and relevant content to time their emails and increase attendance to the May Design Series.

Company name: UBM for May Design Series

Designed and developed by: Lisa Stevens

Campaign details

Subject line: A little help with your travel plans…
Open: 42%
Clicks: 12% of opened


What data was used?

The campaign was automated to be sent automatically to people that signed up for the May Design Series event.


  • As this event is free to attend, UBM wanted to increase the chances of registrants actually attending.

What makes this a performing campaign?

The campaign was built on two very important principles of modern marketing best practice:

1. automation to deliver emails at the point of engagement
2. relevant content

On the content side, the subject line  ‘A little help with your travel plans…’ set the theme of the email. UBM were aware  that the free nature of the event meant people might not honour their registration, so they decided to include information that would nudge them into making official plans to attend (i.e. booking travel and accommodation).

The content chosen for the email was:

  • travel information for UK based and foreign attendees, with guide prices from the most popular locations
  • tourist attractions near the event to give attendees extra reasons to come
  • restaurant recommendations to suit different tastes
  • information about the venue for the event

UBM used Adestra’s automation capabilities to automatically send this email to every registrant, triggered by the sign-up form. The campaign was launched daily to new registrants, on week days only, within 24 hours of registering.

Other elements adding to the success of the email were:

  • including an ‘Add to calendar’ option
  • structuring the email in a simple way, making it easy to scan
  • having clear call-to-action buttons

The results

The email delivered on the promise  in the subject line. Because it was relevant to the receivers and sent automatically at a time when they are receptive to the information (i.e. within 24 hours of registering),  it achieved a fantastic open-rate of 42%.

Adestra’s Heatmap Report showed that the most clicked link was about travelling to the venue from within the UK.

This was the first series of automated emails for the pre-registration phase done for May Design Series and it scored high on all regards. It achieved higher open-rates, click-through rates and impact on attendees compared to previous years. UBM estimated that about 48% of registrants who opened the email also attended the event.

This shows that using automation and relevant content in email campaigns can engage customers and lead to extra benefits for the sender.

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