Campaign of the Month

BIC Graphic’s January newsletter boasts impressive open rates

Brand: BIC Graphic
Campaign creation by: Brittany Howard

Campaign details

Subject line: The BIC Graphic Bulletin: January Edition
Opens: 54%
Clicks-of-opens: 20%


A multinational brand, BIC Graphic sends both a US and Canadian version of their monthly newsletter. This January edition of the Canadian newsletter highlights the brand’s new products as they head into 2018: an impressive collection of over 150 items, the extent of which needed to be showcased within the email.

What data was used?

This campaign was sent to Canadian subscribers who had specifically opted in to the BIC Graphic newsletter.


  • Welcome in the new year with a new range of products
  • Incentivize click-throughs to shop online

What makes this a performing campaign?

BIC Graphic have really invested in their email design, working alongside our Digital Design team to develop a custom template. One quick glance at this campaign is enough to identify it as very much on brand, with its hand-scribbled font and BIC Graphic logo prominently placed alongside the Canadian maple.

We were also impressed by the content team’s decision to tap into the buzz around 2018’s Pantone Color of the Year – Ultra Violet – and provide a pleasing collage of just some of the products they offer in that shade.

Throughout, product imagery is clearly displayed without overcrowding.

This template isn’t just fun, either: it works hard too. A campaign with this many modules needs to be responsive across multiple clients and devices, something which the BIC team have clearly kept in mind here.

The results

The clear branding and responsive template in this newsletter resulted in an impressive open rate (54%) with almost half of those clicking through to access further content.

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