Campaign of the Month

Easter email campaign starts successful re-engagement and segmentation process

Russell Hobbs decided to use a simple and short email themed around Easter to begin a data cleansing and database segmentation project.

Brand: Russell Hobbs
Designed and developed by: Rhydian Ball

Campaign details

Subject line: Bank Holiday Special – 20% off Everything!
Open: 19%
Click: 12% of opened


What data was used?

The entire Russell Hobbs database.


  • Use an enticing campaign to create customer segments for future campaigns
  • Separate less engaged contacts to place into a reactivation program

What makes this a performing campaign?

Russell Hobbs wanted to start a data cleansing program. In order to understand the different levels of engagement in their database and create groups for future segmentation opportunities, they created a simple and enticing email offer.

The email campaign was designed with relevant content at its core. Because it was sent around Easter time, the campaign included festive elements in the design, the copy, and the choice of content. The use of enticing imagery encouraged subscribers to click through and discover the Easter-inspired recipes. The discount offer was placed in a prime location at the top along with a contrasting call-to-action button.

Russell Hobbs used the offer of 20% off their entire range to reward valued customers and incentivize those who hadn’t recently engaged. Based on this and the reporting in MessageFocus, they determined which contacts fell into one of the three categories:

  1. Regular engaged subscribers who have interacted with this campaign and at least one other one
  2. Contacts who have only opened this campaign
  3. Those who are still unengaged and have never opened a campaign

The Results

The campaign had a good engagement level with the subject line enticing 19% of the subscribers to open the email and 12% of those to click through. These results are both higher than the regular emails they send and also higher than their industry average.

What is really fantastic about this campaign is the fact that it has helped Russell Hobbs identify different segments in their customer database based on engagement so that they can send more targeted emails going forward. And because they have adopted a different strategy with the unengaged contacts, this has helped them cut costs by about 40%.

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