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GE Appliances nurture brand loyalty with seasonal campaign

Brand: GE Appliances

Campaign creation by: Emily Wheeler


Campaign details

Subject line: GE Recipes: It’s Time for Pumpkin Everything
Opens: 41% open rate


GE Appliances is a household name for many and one of the largest appliance brands in the United States, operating multiple subsidiary brands including GE, GE Profile, Café, Monogram, Haier and Hotpoint.

Founded in New York in 1905, GE Appliance’s goal is to help people improve their lives at home through excellent design, long-lasting products, and a sense of belonging to the brand family.

What data was used?

The email was sent to just under 100,000 customers, who had subscribed to receive recipe updates from the brand.


  • Share seasonal pumpkin recipes to coincide with Halloween
  • Drive clicks to the ‘Recipes & Cooking Tips’ section of the GE Appliances’ website
  • Nurture brand loyalty by providing lifestyle tips around the product

What makes this a performing campaign?

GE Appliances offering recipe-only, non-sales emails to their subscriber base is very on-brand and indicative of their commitment to building a family feel around their products. We also loved their tongue-in-cheek reference to the pumpkin spiced craze with their headline – “There’s Nothing Basic About Pumpkin” – and use of the jack-o-lantern emoji.

The recipes themselves are clearly laid out, with strong CTAs to click through onto the GE Appliances’ website. Any sense of product placement is extremely subtle, with the email’s sole focus being free recipe content delivered up to subscribers to make their lives easier. The landing pages themselves are well thought out, too, with individual ‘how-to’ videos and personalized chef’s notes.

The results

Sending to a list of almost 100,000 is no mean feat, yet this campaign retains a warmth and personability. Encouraging customers to share the spirit of GE in their own homes is strongly aligned with the brand’s mission and identity. This sentiment was clearly shared by the subscribers, too: 41% of those 100,000 people opened the campaign and 13% clicked through to the GE website.

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