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Historic England uses smart automation to re-engage contacts and support GDPR compliance

Brand: Historic England

Campaign creation by: Marina Nenadic 


Campaign details

Opens: 47% average open rate

Clicks-of-opens: 35% average click-to-open rate


With the 25 May deadline for GDPR compliance looming, Historic England consulted with their account manager at Adestra in order to develop effective automation programs to reengage dormant contacts, refresh consent and ensure that the data they hold against their contact database was correct and indeed compliant.

What data was used?

Historic England decided to analyze their subscribers’ engagement with their email marketing communications over the past 6 months. In this campaign, they targeted those contacts who had not engaged or opened any email during that time-frame.


  • Cleanse inactive data in lists to improve engagement
  • Re-engage dormant contacts
  • Support GDPR compliance

What makes this a performing campaign?

With its informative, yet engaging copy, this campaign clearly articulated the purpose of the email and made it easier for the recipient to refresh their consent and update their preferences and, where desired, unsubscribe from email marketing communications.

With the help of their Adestra Account Manager they were able to develop the automated reengagement program well ahead of GDPR provisions coming into effect. Using Adestra’s Automation Program Builder they filtered their contacts looking at their engagement over the past 6 months. The contacts were sent an email to update their preferences and confirm their subscription.

Historic England’s preference center, created with the help of Adestra’s Digital Design team is clear and engaging, informing contacts about why they collect their data and how they are going to use it.

The results

Historic England’s automated re-engagement program has proven successful. The program achieved an 47% average open rate and 35% average CTOR, where 97% of the contacts who clicked, updated their preferences and reconfirmed their subscription:

Non-engaged contacts:

  • 15% average open rate
  • 59% average click-to-open rate
  • 98% contacts who clicked submitted their preferences

Engaged contacts:

  • 56% average open rate
  • 18% average click-to-open rate
  • 97% contacts who clicked updated their preferences

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