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Kano achieves 16% average click-to-open rate with their cross-channel pre-launch strategy

Brand: Kano

Campaign creation by: Georgie Ma


Campaign details

Subject line: Harry Potter Coding Kit | Pre-order now

Opens: 22% average opens

Clicks-of-opens: 16% average CTOR


Kano is all about helping kids learn to code. The team have been working on raising greater awareness about coding, as well as their own community and products. Therefore, as part of their marketing strategy for their new product, a Harry Potter-themed coding kit, Kano decided to use email to support the product ahead of its launch.

What data was used?

Contacts that saw Kano’s teaser campaign across multiple channels and signed up to hear more.


  • Keep subscribers engaged
  • Increase awareness of the new product
  • Promote pre-orders of the new product

What makes this a performing campaign?

This campaign was devised as part of Kano’s cross-channel strategy. Kano promoted the launch of their Harry Potter coding kit on social media and email.

Kano ran a teaser campaign on social media and email to increase awareness about the upcoming product. People that subscribed to their communications after seeing the online teaser campaign were sent a further teaser by email, thanking them for signing up to receive more information about the product.

The live campaign then sent an email revealing the new product to both previous and new subscribers. The campaign was strategically designed using first name personalization, engaging images relevant to their audience, a smart use of white space, a video showcasing the product and clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons to promote pre-orders.


The results

This pre-launch campaign shows the true value of using multiple channels to support your marketing strategy. This campaign has seen a 22% average open rate and 16% average CTOR.


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