Campaign of the Month

Media 10 build an ever-improving newsletter by placing email testing at its core

Keeping interest alive in an event throughout a whole year is a difficult task, but Media 10 have surpassed that by testing and improving the weekly newsletter for UK Construction Week.

Brand: UK Construction Week by Media 10
Designed and developed by: Eloise Short

Campaign details

Subject line: World’s longest tunnel on the horizon for Highways England | Construction Buzz #42
Open: 26%
Doubled click-through with segmentation and testing


Who is the campaign targeted at?

The engaged segmented of their database of subscribers.


  • continuously improve engagement with their weekly newsletter through testing

What makes this a performing campaign?

This campaign is a weekly newsletter campaign which Media 10 have launched in the past year for UK Construction Week, the biggest construction trade event in the UK. This is a new brand, bringing together nine shows under one roof, so keeping momentum and excitement going is important for the success of the event. This particular campaign is the 42nd issue of the newsletter.

The Media 10 marketing team knew that only by analyzing the behavior of their subscribers would they understand what is of real interest to them, so they placed testing and improvement at the heart of the email strategy. By using Adestra’s extensive reporting capabilities they:

  • analyzed the optimum send time
  • segmented the campaign for engaged and un-engaged contacts to tailor content
  • adopted mobile responsive design
  • used the Heatmap Report to test if placement of content affects engagement
  • tested a new section in their newsletter

The Results

By continuously testing this weekly newsletter, Media 10 have increased engagement and learned more about their audience. That has not only increased their open rate but has doubled their click-through rate.

Further testing also showed that:

  • Their optimum send time is first thing in the morning on a Friday
  • the placement of content has little effect on engagement as long as the topic is of interest to subscribers
  • the introduction of a global topic to the general UK news actually improved engagement despite the broader focus


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