Success Story

NSPCC increases fundraising capabilities with Adestra

With Adestra, the NSPCC were able to create a fully automated email experience to support their vital work.

How do you manage over 40 different email campaigns per year?

NSPCC needed a better way to communicate with their fundraisers

The NSPCC runs over 40 events per year, including runs, treks, and even skydiving. Fundraisers sign up online and receive emails from NSPCC providing essential information and support. Email sends were becoming increasingly time-consuming, and the team did not feel this was sustainable. They wanted an experience that was fully automated, covered multiple events, and created a cohesive journey.

Email automation from Adestra was the solution

The NSPCC was already using dynamic content functionality to drive the same email templates across multiple events, with content updates depending on which event participants have entered. Combined with Adestra’s email automation capabilities, this produced an ultra-efficient solution that removed the need to create new emails and a new email program every time an event was launched.

NSPCC set up a series of multi-stage, automated programs

This helped deliver the most appropriate journey for participants

The journey now includes a welcome message, guidance on setting up a fundraising page, fundraising ideas and inspiration, and help to create a training plan. The number, timing, and content of emails are tailored depending on when the participant signs up, ranging from 6 months to 3 weeks before the event. At the end of this program, participants are fed into a ‘Good Luck’ program to encourage their final fundraising efforts and then congratulate them on completing the event.

Using the Automation Program Builder, the NSPCC marketing team has fully automated the journey for event participants across 40+ events. It now takes just 30 minutes to set up a new event, create new filters and drop participants into the journey. Prior to the automation, it took the team upwards of 2 hours to sort the data lists and map sends alone. Across 40 events, we can estimate this has saved around 60 hours, which can be channeled into more important activities such as strategy and planning.

Discover the incredible results in the full case study below.

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