Success Story

RCNi helps Nurses to complete their professional qualifications through an innovative and highly personalised email program

RCNi increased onsite engagement 305% with highly relevant emails.


RCNi provides innovative and creative information solutions for the whole nursing team and associated health professionals.

They produce 11 journals, including Nursing Standard, to provide health professionals with the latest developments impacting nursing, including changes in policy, practice and research.


  • Provide a personalised email program that delivers the known situation of each Nurse’s status: subscriptions signed up to, Certified Professional Development (CPD) completion and duration through the 3-year program, and email frequency preferences
  • Increase the frequency with which Nurses visit RCNi Portfolio and thereby reduce likelihood of a high volume of Nurses getting the reminder 3 months
    from re-registration, thereby reducing stress on Nurses to complete the important exercise in time

The Challenge

Every 3 years around 75,000 Nurses must provide evidence for re-validation. RCNi Portfolio allows Nurses to store evidence, measure progress and have access to their CPD. The rate at which each person progresses through the required CPD hours needed varies from person to person. Driving visits to the site is a key driver for RCNi in terms of increasing engagement with the content as well as serving to remind Nurses to progress their CPD.

The Solution

As part of a regular account review, RCNi asked Adestra for help to design an email program that would help increase engagement and offer suggestions on how they can direct Nurses to RCNi Portfolio to help them complete their CPD.

Adestra’s Customer Success Manager and Digital Design team developed content and design that changed to become more urgent the closer it is towards the deadline. The Adestra Technical Consultancy team worked with the RCNi Web Development team to pull through percentage completed values to marry these two touchpoints up.

The email would have a series of modules to show how each nurse was progressing against each of the components comprising the CPD with a ‘traffic lights’ visual to show whether they are on track or not. There would be a ‘Countdown/revalidation date’ module to dynamically display how long the Nurse has left until they are due to revalidate which would adapt to different measures (days/weeks/months/years).

The frequency of the reminders is dictated by RCNi allowing them total control and increase the closer a person gets to their revalidation date.

RCNi helps Nurses_Upland Adestra


RCNi are delighted with the success of the project and reported open rates of 36% and click-to-open rates of 18%.

RCNi Portfolio Alerts launched on 23rd July and in the first two months of being active showed…

RNCi CPD Results Chart_Upland Adestra

  • 2,300 direct sessions resulting from these emails
  • BUT 14,600 page views with an average of 6.16 page views per session – an increase of 113% on our overall average number of pageviews per session showing that people are highly engaged when clicking through from these emails
  • In keeping with this, the average session duration rose from 01:52 to 07:34, an increase of 305%!

What’s next?

RCNi continue to work with Adestra on important aspects of their email marketing and have targeted testing and optimisation as their next focus in this project along with reporting across the main automation streams.

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