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Cimpl University: Become a Cimpl Master

Learn Industry Best Practices and Master Cimpl

Cimpl University equips you and your team with the knowledge needed to get the most out of using Cimpl. It is a set of online self-paced courses designed to help you master the features and functionalities of Cimpl through the application of industry best practices and step-by-step demonstrations. Cimpl University is designed for the time-minded person wanting to manage their environment more effectively. To take this information with you, check out the data sheet.


On-Demand Training

You are not limited by your schedule. You can easily access any course at any time from anywhere. It is only a click away.

Access Expert Knowledge

Have questions or need specific advice? For the duration of your course(s), you have access to the Cimpl Trainer by email.

Improve Your Skills

We help you shorten your learning curve.  We equip you with the knowledge you need to apply industry best practices  and elevate your skills.

Upland Cimpl has made it easy for you.

When you enroll into Cimpl University, your purchased credit bundle can go a long way. You can apply the credits to one of the course pack focused on your role or to the results you want to achieve. You can even choose to apply the credits to some of our quick sessions if you need a refresher or interested in a specific topic.


Become a Cimpl Master with 9 credits!

All you need to get started are 9 credits. Get started with the basics and work your way through your journey at becoming a Cimpl Master.

Basics for Employees & Managers

This fundamental course is designed specifically for everyone that will be using Cimpl in any role. Learn the basics about Dashboard, Self-Service & Employee Reports. (1 Credit)

MACD Management

Great for anyone that manages the day to day activities in Cimpl. Learn the best practices on achieving and maintaining an accurate inventory while keeping your telecom costs in check. (5 Credits)

Administrator and Configuration

Designed for the administrator of Cimpl. You will delve into the configuration modules of Cimpl and gain the skills required to enhance the level of automation for approvals and workflows. (3 Credits)

Want to start your journey to becoming a Cimpl Master?

Additional courses you can take

Don’t have time to take full courses? Or, need a quick refresher on certain sections of Cimpl, register for our “À la carte” courses focusing on specific subjects:

How does it work?

It is very simple. You enroll, purchase a credit bundle and get started with the course of your choice. We’ve got a wide selection of credit bundles and we can help you select the plan that works for your organization. Here are a few details:

  • Purchased credits may be used by anyone in your organization.
  • Bundles available range from 10 to 100 credits.
  • Courses value varies between 1 to 5 credits.
  • Access on-demand courses for up to 2 months.

Looking for more personalized training? Book a live online session with a Cimpl Trainer!

If you are looking for specific training, don’t hesitate to book an hour session with a Cimpl Trainer. One hour-long session costs 3 credits per person.

How does it work? Simply sign-up for “Online session with a Cimpl Trainer”, add the specifics in the box, and send the request in. Once the request has been received, Cimpl University will email you to coordinate the date and time, and the agenda.

How do I purchase Credit Bundles? Register today!

  • Contact your Customer Success Manager or your Support Representative.
  • Sign up directly on our Website.
Product Name Product Code Number of Credits Pricing
Cimpl Training Mini Bundle CMP-TRAINING-10CR 10 $1,125.00 CAD
Cimpl Training Small Bundle CMP-TRAINING-25CR 25 $2,670.00 CAD (5% discount)
Cimpl Training Medium Bundle CMP-TRAINING-50CR 50 $5,000.00 CAD (10% discount)
Cimpl Training Large Bundle CMP-TRAINING-100CR 100 $9,500.00 CAD (15.5% discount)


How many credits do I have left? 

Terms of purchase:

  • Credits purchased are valid for 1 year, except 100 credit bundles, which must be used by the end of the contract term.
  • Unused credits are non-refundable
  • Credits cannot be used for custom videos or user guides.

Upland Cimpl has made it easy for you!