What benefits can you expect from this year’s Telecom Roadmap?

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[Product Roadmap] Exciting new capabilities to manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint™

If you attended our previous Virtual User Conference, you would have gotten a glimpse of our 2020 Product Roadmap. We discussed new features and enhancements, touched on the user experience and Upland Analytics all coming your way this year. Get ready to soak up all the exciting capabilities that will be implemented in 2020.

Capabilities and Enhancements: supporting your need to manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint

Multiple currency support:

What benefits can you expect from the 2020 roadmap?

We’ve enhanced our multiple currency feature. Not only will you be able to report on different currencies more efficiently, but you will now can define a base currency for all your reports. This base currency will also be your standard to convert all other currencies from invoices that are loaded into Cimpl for processing and validation.

Bulk Changes:

We are enhancing our mass update feature so you can perform bulk changes in key sections.


We will upgrade the self-service module to improve responsiveness, help reduce the number of steps to review aggregated information, and enhance   the user interface to allow creation of future forms in a faster way.

Payment Tracker:

All of our customers will also have access to our new paybill capability that will allow easy tracking of approvals and payments of the invoices.

User Experience

We are in the process of updating the common visual design language with a more contemporary look and feel. This will enhance usability and security, with a shared vocabulary across the design and development teams. It will also allow for a more flexible system that is scalable and durable offering more flexibility to manage integrations and configuration with 3rd party applications.

Upland Cimpl Mobile

The Upland Mobile hub app will now include Cimpl as an available product. Track requests that require your approval and follow the status of requests that you have submitted. No need to wait anymore to be in front of your laptop to approve urgent requests. In addition, you will be able to validate your user statement for easy tracking of your costs.

Upland Analytics: Easy-to-use, drag and drop tracking engine

Upland Analytics is a self-service, purpose-built analytics engine that helps our customers visualize their data so they can make timely, data driven decisions about their business. This easy-to-use, drag and drop analytics engine enables users to quickly build reports and charts to track important key performance indicators. Automated and accurate, you can leverage any data field within your system or connect to other enterprise solutions. It provides deep analytics capability without the need for 3rd party tools and will improve and streamline daily work with actionable intelligence.

Still have questions on these awesome features coming your way? Contact us. Find out all the ways that Upland Cimpl can help your organization save time, save money, and keep an accurate inventory in 2020.  If you haven’t already, sign up for our upcoming Webinar. It will give you an overview of the Upland Cimpl Platform and give you tips and best practices.


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