Cimpl Cloud

Cloud cost optimization tool

Cimpl Cloud reduces your cloud costs, identifies potential cloud security and compliance issues, and provides greater visibility into your overall cloud environment.

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Gain immediate savings with cloud cost management.

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Manage your cloud services.

Gain total visibility into your multi-cloud environment to effectively manage costs, invoicing, security, and compliance, and to scale cloud usage with confidence.

  • Identify idle, unused, and underutilized services
  • Monitor changes in the scope of your cloud infrastructure needs to optimize your cloud instance
  • Ensure compliance and prevent misconfigurations that lead to costly cloud security breaches
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Save time and reduce cost and effort.

Our Recommendation Engine automatically identifies inefficiencies across your cloud landscape.

  • Find out when you’re paying for computing power you may not be using, and calculate your potential savings
  • Optimize spend with automated right-sizing to eliminate waste
  • Receive detailed information on cost-saving opportunities
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Manage costs

Get the most out of your cloud spend by optimizing compute, storage, data, and other cloud services.

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Automate invoicing

Allocate cloud charges and issue showbacks or chargebacks according to your business requirements.

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Ensure security and compliance

Monitors cloud configuration and offers best-practice alerts based on standards, regulations, and cloud vendor recommendations.

Reduce your cloud costs

The ease of purchasing cloud services makes it easy to exceed your cloud budget. Cimpl Cloud helps you gain control of your cloud expenses.

  • Lower your monthly cloud costs by up to 30%
  • Easily see what’s driving your AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud costs and allocate costs back to the business
  • Identify idle, unused, and underutilized services and other opportunities to save
  • Receive automated alerts regarding RI purchase recommendations
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Optimize your cloud services

Gain total visibility into your multi-cloud environment to effectively manage costs,  identify inefficiencies across your cloud landscape, and scale cloud usage with confidence.

  • Eliminate waste with automated right-sizing and rebalancing
  • Keep compute and storage loads optimized for performance, reliability, and spend
  • Receive automated alerts regarding usage, utilization, and best practices

Secure your cloud environment

Cloud vendors clearly state that you need to share in the responsibility for cloud security. Cimpl Cloud helps keep your cloud environment and data safe.

  • Prevent misconfigurations that lead to costly cloud security breaches
  • Identify and automatically correct vulnerabilities and miscalculations
  • Receive automated alerts on potential security issues
  • Comply with industry standards and best practices

Improve compliance and governance

Cimpl Cloud ensures you remain compliant with regulatory requirements and audit-ready.

  • Remain compliant with standards such as HIPAA, FISMA, NIST, and many more
  • Continuously monitor your cloud infrastructure
  • Receive automated alerts for the standards that are important to you and your organization

Fast results

Our flexible architecture makes onboarding easy—with results in days. You’ll quickly gain control of cloud spend across the organization with a centralized, automated structure for cloud cost management.

By combining detailed analysis of historical data with your future plans, Upland Cimpl cloud cost optimization software helps you reduce your cloud costs even as your computing needs change.

Use Cimpl TEM software to manage and optimize your fixed telecom, mobile, and cloud expenses in the same application.

Find out how much you’ll save.

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