How can a TEM Software help you know what you didn’t know

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We know the struggle of having to keep track of all your assets in your company. Each employee has a cell phone, that all have different plans, a laptop, computer, cloud services, and much more. When these devices are no longer in use, they end up sitting at the bottom of a drawer, or in the back of your storage closet, or you end up paying for a license that isn’t assigned to anyone anymore. An easy solution to this issue is with the help of a telecom expense management tool.

How can a TEM Software can help you know what you didn’t know

What is telecom expense management?

Gartner defines Telecom Expense Management (TEM) in its IT glossary  as “the practice that encompasses the business processes conducted by IT and finance departments to acquire the provision (and support) of corporate telecommunications assets. TEM is the build-out of services, or the acquisition of third-party services, to manage the supply chain for telecommunications.”

Telecom Expense Management began due to a need to control monthly costs associated with the use of fixed phone lines. Now, TEM has evolved into a management system which helps not only with managing telecom services but also wireless services. A few vendors, such as Cimpl, will manage even more for you, such as IT, cloud management, Machine to Machine (M2M), and many more.

Some tools you’ll find useful that you can get from a TEM solution:

Discrepancy Tracker:

  • With the discrepancy tracker you will be able to:
    • Keep track of recurring billing errors
    • Allow the managed services teams to analyze billing discrepancies in bulk, track investigations, and speed up the analysis by evaluating pattern recurrences

Contract Control:

  • With the contract control center you can:
    • Store all your telecom contracts and more in one single location
    • Track history of contract amendments and relations with their original contracts
    • Never miss a milestone date such as expiration or renewal dates by setting up alerts

Inventory center:

  • With the inventory center you will be able to :
    • Track your entire technological environment in one space
    • Know who the owner is and what contract/plan is associated to the asset
    • Know where they are located
    • Automate your procurement process with pre-established workflows
    • Have confidence in the accuracy of your inventory

With the help of a TEM service, you will end up knowing what you don’t know and be able to take action on the newly found knowledge. This will help you take back control of your expenses and focus on what really matters to your business.

About Cimpl:

Cimpl is leading the revolution in telecom, IT and cloud expense management as it offers corporations a platform-as-a-service and managed services to , save money ($), save time (h) and accurately manage their inventory (%).

If you want to see Cimpl in action and see if it could benefit your business, request a demo with us!

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