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In case you missed it, Cimpl had the opportunity to attend the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ and had an amazing time. We got to talk to IT leaders and executives about digital transformation, cost optimization and more!

In case you missed it  

What an amazing time!  We got to see so many prevalent IT leaders, CIO’s and IT Executives at this year’s Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™. We also were fortunate enough to have the chance to discuss key topics such as data and analytics, AI, machine learning, culture, customer experience, cybersecurity and more. We hope you were excited as we were to be there and had the opportunity to fully embrace this experience.

Key Topic covered: Digital Transformation  

Some of the key themes that were covered at the event were about driving your digital transformation forward. We want to help you and your organization manage your Enterprise Digital Footprint and to think bigger and start tackling what we call the “$3 Trillion IT Spend problem. Upland’s Project and Financial Management Solution suite helps organizations drive their digital business transformation by improving cost transparency, delivering meaningful insight and tracking performance against organizational goals. We want you and your organization to be successful and help CIOs focus on winning business faster.  

 Chris ThierryGeneral Managertelecom expense management, noticed technology cost optimization was one of the major topics that was discussed among executives and IT directors. Companies need to take stock of what they own and how it’s used before they can change it he says, “digital transformation is an over used buzz term, but in the context of Upland Cimplit means knowing what you ownwhat it costs, and being able to easily make changes. Cimpl helps build a dynamic inventory of all the pastpresent and future things companies use, so they can figure out how much and when it makes sense to transform”. 

Here at Upland Cimpl we want people to start thinking about the $3 trillion IT Spend Problem.  In describing the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™, Gartner’s website says: “Technology is shaping every aspect of how we work, communicate and live. A new digital society is emerging, connecting everyone and everything like never before. So much is being done in IT because of this, and many organizations are unable to be accountable for every dollar spent. We are here to help! We want to help you take back control of your time,  IT spend, and start keeping an accurate inventory of all of your telecom and wireless assets.  

Thank You’s  

 First of allwe want to say thank you to all of the Upland Software people who attended – Mounir, Phil, Heather, Chad, Jeff, Jon, Sara and Laura and thank you to the Upland Cimpl staff who were able to attend – Chris and Dana. Without you this event would not have been possible. I want to thank Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort, Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts and Disney Boardwalk Inn for hosting us and to all the amazing people who put together such a great event. The biggest thank you goes out to all of you – those who attended and visited our booth, met with our people and got to know more about Upland. 

Also follow our Twitter and LinkedIn, we kept you guys up to date throughout the event. 

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