Cimpl Helps Businesses Manage their Enterprise Digital Footprint

April 19, 2018 4 minute read

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AOTMP’s latest industry paper highlights Cimpl’s mission of taking organizations beyond telecom expense management

  • Cimpl has been recognized as a leading innovative technology expense management platform.
  • Cimpl offers organizations the ability to gain deeper insight and take back control of the entire technology environment in one centralized platform.
  • As a North American leading SaaS solution, Cimpl is committed to managing the Enterprise Digital Footprint.


(MONTREAL, QC – [April 19, 2018]) – Cimpl [], dedicated to helping businesses regain visibility and control over their technology, is happy to announce the publication of a new whitepaper by AOTMP, titled “Cimpl Helps Businesses Manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint.” The document will detail Cimpl’s advanced technology expense management capabilities.

“The landscape of telecom expense management is changing, and businesses need to evolve with the technology trends,” says Christopher Thierry, President of Cimpl. “As a technology expense management vendor, it’s our duty to grow into a platform that can meet the shifting standards of what TEM now encompasses. Cimpl is innovating to manage the expanding Enterprise Digital Footprint.”

“As digital transformation, alongside the continuing need for fixed services and assets, complicates technology management, Cimpl’s approach is offering enterprises a streamlined, automated way to handle the ever-expanding footprint,” said Timothy C. Colwell, senior vice president, Efficiency First® Adoption at AOTMP. “Cimpl’s strategy for managing all technology workloads in one platform, with thoughtful updates, marks a critical step in the industry. Expense management, while important, no longer is the main goal. Rather, technology management departments must have visibility, metrics and more to act as Centers of Excellence to their businesses. Cimpl is helping them do just that.”

Having recently taken up AOTMP’s Efficiency First Vendor Solution Certification Program, Cimpl has demonstrated a strong commitment to adhering to and exceeding Telecom Management Center of Excellence standards. The all-inclusive Cimpl platform drives operational efficiencies that help businesses manage services and assets as a way of building revenue, market share, and customer loyalty.

Cimpl demonstrates innovative capabilities that reflect the up and coming demands of organizations with a need to manage the ever-changing lifecycle of the entire technology environment. As the TEM industry grows, Cimpl places significant importance on adjusting its services to meet continually evolving client needs.

Currently in the process of expanding its capabilities into the U.S., Cimpl is progressing in its capacities, now extending far beyond telecom and wireless expense management. Delving into the management of cloud, IoT, IT, UCC, M2M, and much more, the Cimpl platform captures the meaning of an all-inclusive solution.

The AOTMP whitepaper explores the many facets of Cimpl, and how it meets AOTMP’s standard of excellence. The Cimpl platform demonstrates dedication to bringing organizations a solution built with the end-user experience in mind.


AOTMP is a global information, research and advisory firm for telecom management best practices and industry standards. We deliver actionable insight, data and best practices through our Efficiency First Framework that equips telecom, IT, and mobility leaders and vendors with the means to achieve telecom management industry excellence. For more information, visit

About Cimpl

Cimpl is leading the revolution in managing the Enterprise Digital Footprint and going beyond Telecom Expense management. Cimpl combines actionable data analytics and automation of everyday processes to ensure that companies know what they have and what their technology costs are at any given time. With a convenient and clear-cut dashboard, information is centralized and accessible through a fully configurable reporting portal. Cimpl is an all-in-one software that fulfills the needs to save time, save money, and keep track of an accurate inventory. Cimpl has earned the distinctions of being a PROFIT 500 company and for 4 consecutive years, one of the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada. As AOTMP’s Solution innovation of the Year Award Winner for 2017, Cimpl is an innovative and transformational Technology Expense Management Solution. For more information, visit our website


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