Cimpl Offers Technology Cost Visibility through At-a-Glance Dashboards and Role-Based Access

October 17, 2017 3 minute read

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Live Webinar October 25th: Cimpl’s Dashboards and Role-Based Access

  • Cimpl brings businesses in-depth, clear-cut visibility over data through the use of visual at-a-glance dashboards.
  • Role-Based Access allows managers and employees to participate in the control of usage and costs of their unique telecom and wireless expenses.
  • Save your seat: October 25th at 11:00 am in French (ET) and at 1:00 pm in English (ET)


(MONTREAL, QC – [October 17, 2017]) – Cimpl [], leading the revolution in telecom, IT and cloud expense management, is proud to announce its upcoming Webinar, which will showcase Cimpl’s at-a-glance Dashboards and Role-Based Access. The demonstration will be conducted by Marketing Director, Caroline Le Brun, and Solutions Specialist, Monico Flores. The event will be hosted on October 25th at 11h00 in French (ET) and at 1:00pm in English (ET).

“Before an organization can truly understand its telecom and technology costs, it needs a way to easily and transparently view the data. So many companies, and IT professionals in particular, have to dig through piles of information in order to prepare digestible reports and graphs,” said Christopher Thierry, President of Cimpl. “Cimpl’s at-a-glance dashboards are built to solve this problem. We make it easy to take back control of your company’s spending trends, view ROI and usage, and gain useful insights with Cimpl’s Dashboards and Role-Based Access.”

Cimpl’s Dashboard module provides businesses with at-a-glance dashboards for employees, managers, and everyone else in the company. Spending trends can be easily compared, and ROI is generated from activity in the platform and tracked in dashboards. Over-usage, cost spikes, and inventory irregularities can be quickly detected and dealt with accordingly. Data is presented in clear-cut graphs, tables and dashboards, allowing for better visibility into each individual’s telecom and technology expenses, usage, and inventory. Role-Based Access allows everyone in the company to see data pertaining to them specifically, allowing for self-regulation and cost transparency.

About Cimpl

Cimpl is leading the revolution in managing the Enterprise Digital Footprint and going beyond Telecom Expense Management. Cimpl brings together actionable data analytics and automates everyday processes to ensure that companies know what they have and what their technology costs are at any given time. With a convenient and clear-cut dashboard, information is centralized and accessible through a fully configurable reporting portal. Cimpl is an all-in-one software that fulfills the needs to save time, save money, and keep track of an accurate inventory. Cimpl has earned the distinctions of being a PROFIT 500 company and for 4 consecutive years one of the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada. For more information, visit our website


Caroline LeBrun

Marketing Director



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