New Assessment on Identifying IT and Telecom Cost Savings

August 4, 2015 4 minute read

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*Please note that Etelesolv has changed its company name to Cimpl in 2016.

Etelesolv Offers Free Assessments to Companies Who Need to Account for Technology Expenses

  • Many companies have difficulties uncovering inefficiencies in technology deployments.
  • With guidance, firms can optimize how they use their technology.
  • Etelesolv’s free assessments represent the first step to improved IT and telecom usage.


(MONTREAL, QC – August 4, 2015) Etelesolv (now Cimpl), Canada’s leader in IT and telecom expense management, is now offering free 30-minute assessments to companies on the effectiveness of their IT and telecom usage. These assessments, completely obligation-free, are designed to quickly determine the extent to which examinees deploy IT and telecom assets to drive their success. The company is giving these assessments as a service to the broader business community.

The company’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, stated, “One of the key realities of modern business is that they easily lose control of the technology they own and use. A big part of this stems from their constantly-growing volume of IT assets, especially the rapidly-increasing number of subscriptions purchased on the cloud. One other factor in this loss of control owes to the fact that not everyone is going to have expertise in managing business IT. We have a solution for this: We will be giving absolutely free assessments to companies on the health of their IT and telecom usage. Companies who take the assessment will be benefitting from the experience that we gleaned from 15 years of being the leader in IT and telecom expense management, at no risk or obligation. This is one more way that we give back to the business community.”

Up to 80% of a company’s IT spend can be unaccounted for, and at least one reason for this lack of transparency comes from decision makers not knowing where to even start identifying areas for improvement. This is especially true with employees engaging in the twin trends of BYOD and Shadow IT – employees purchase and bring in IT and telecom devices, services, and software of their own choosing without their employers’ consent or even awareness.

A separate, and no less important issue, is the fact that growing numbers of IT services are being purchased and deployed from the cloud. Organizations had enough difficulty tracking and managing IT and telecom assets when they were physically tangible; when such assets become virtual, the challenge grows manifold.

To help companies identify points of departure for optimizing their IT and telecom management, the company has created a health check that can be carried out through a short phone call between the company’s Discovery Agents and interested parties. The assessment will allow interested parties to:

  • Determine how to select a management system that suits their unique needs;
  • Understand the key considerations for choosing a telecom and IT expense provider;
  • Learn the fundamentals of controlling IT and telecom costs; and
  • Plan budgets for their technology needs going forward.

Greater efficiency and effectiveness in deploying business technology is an important part of increasing revenues. Etelesolv’s free 30 minute assessment is offered as a service to all companies, and is especially suited to CIOs, IT managers, and CFOs. Sign up for the free assessment here.

About the company

With its global coverage, Etelesolv (now Cimpl) is leading a revolution in IT and telecom expense management. Cimpl, the company’s signature platform, brings together actionable data analytics and automates everyday processes to ensure that companies know what they have and what their technology costs at any given time. Its business leadership and employee engagement have also earned serious acclaim. The company is recognized as a PROFIT 500 company and a Branham300 Top 250 ICT because of its high revenue growth. Deloitte took note of the company’s technological innovation and cemented the company’s status as a technology heavyweight on its Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500 lists. The company is also ranked as a Best Small and Medium Employer (BSME) in Canada for 2013 and 2014. For more information, visit


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