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Interface, Inc.

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Before implementing Clickability, Interface was not using a web content management system, making managing and publishing content a very time-consuming, cumbersome process. Its marketing team had no control over publishing content and was forced to rely on IT to make even the smallest changes. This lack of flexibility meant marketers were severely limited in their ability to provide an engaging web experience that represented Interface as a leading design company.

When Interface decided to redesign its website, its top priority was to find a WCM platform that could support the evolution of its brand and its plans for further expansion throughout Europe and Asia. To achieve this, the company had the following requirements for its WCM solution:

  • Empower marketers to rapidly create, publish, and re-use content
  • Enable nimble and quick integration with existing systems
  • Provide the ability to translate content into multiple languages, seamlessly manage multiple global sites, and efficiently share content among regions
  • Ensure scalability and reliability


After evaluating several vendors, Interface selected Clickability as its WCM provider. Within one month of Clickability powering its new website, Interface’s number of daily site visitors doubled, and the company expects its visitor base to continue to grow. Interface chose Clickability because it gives more control to marketers, improves internal marketing and IT efficiencies, and enables Interface to provide a web experience that ultimately drives revenue. Further, Clickability’s dedication to understanding Interface’s objectives and helping it address those needs boosted Clickability above any competitive alternatives.

About Interface, Inc.

Founded in 1973, Interface is the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tile. Its products are designed for a wide range of commercial environments including corporate, healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, and government. Since its founding, Interface has grown into a billion-dollar corporation, with sales in 110 countries and manufacturing facilities on four continents.

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Interface, Inc.

Industry: Commercial Carpet and Tile Manufacturing

Headquarters: Lagrange, GA

Clickability Product: Clickability® Web Content Management (WCM) Platform


  • Empower non-technical users to create and publish content
  • Easy integrations with other marketing systems
  • Global translation services
  • Scalability and reliability


  • Increase monthly page views and website traffic
  • Reduction in time spent by IT updating content and templates
  • Seamless data integrations between multiple systems
  • Increase in number of global websites with multi-site management capabilities and translation services

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