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RelayHealth succeeded in meeting their aggressive timelines for content management with Clickability

About the Project

“Our website is the primary portal to our knowledge base for existing customers, as well as an entry point for new customers,” says Jim Caldwell, Interactive Marketing Manager at RelayHealth. “As a critical resource, it was one of our top goals to improve the site and transform it from a static, dated website into a modern, dynamic information resource and lead generation tool.”

The existing RelayHealth site was a hand-coded HTML site that had been built in .NET by the IT group, and hosted internally on a Windows® server. The site was built quickly, and strategy and future site development were not part of the original design considerations. Although the out-of-pocket costs to maintain the site were minimal, the site took several people to manage—all of them technical. All maintenance and content updates on the hand-coded site were left to developers who had other product development responsibilities to perform—and the website was often at the bottom of their list of priorities. Marketing experienced long delays in publishing new content to the site, with press releases often taking up to six weeks to be published.

RelayHealth also wanted to update the website to incorporate more interactive media, such as videos, which would be difficult to implement on the hand-built site. The company wanted to empower Marketing to own the content on the website and maintain up-to-date marketing messages, without involving IT.

Caldwell had used other CMS systems, but his experiences with them with regard to speed of deployment, maintenance, and integration, as well as the user experience, had not been optimal. While searching for a WCM solution for RelayHealth, he came across Clickability through a colleague and included the company in his evaluation of WCM vendors.


After a thorough evaluation of WCM vendors, RelayHealth chose Clickability. Clickability includes highly configurable, pre-developed website templates based on best practices gleaned from dozens of prior B2B website implementations. The company liked the SaaS delivery model, as well as Clickability’s faster implementations, as RelayHealth needed a new site up and running in two months.

Clickability’s rapid implementation methodologies and pre-configured templates helped RelayHealth achieve its aggressive timeline. Clickability’s Velocity templates enabled the company to add content quickly, with users adding content almost from day one. Caldwell also appreciated the flexibility of the Clickability, which allowed him to add more advanced features after the initial implementation. “I’ve worked with many different CMS products in my career,” says Caldwell, “and this was the easiest implementation I’ve ever done.”

RelayHealth now has five editors and two approvers working on the site, all from the Marketing team, freeing developers to focus on more strategic projects. After just a half hour of training, users can now create, edit and publish their own content—with no IT involvement.

The primary goal for the new RelayHealth website is the creation of strong lead generation capabilities. Integrating the website with their marketing automation system, Marketo, was essential, as was ensuring the RelayHealth Sales team had input to the lead generation approach on the website. The Sales team is now actively involved with the website, defining content needs and advising on lead scoring in Marketo. Currently, lead generation landing pages are in Marketo, but going forward the company plans to use Clickability landing pages to streamline content authoring and reuse.

“I’ve worked with many different CMS products in my career, and this was the easiest implementation I’ve ever done.” – Jim Caldwell, Interactive Marketing Manager, RelayHealth

About RelayHealth

RelayHealth, McKesson’s connectivity business, operates as a neutral partner in an open network environment, offering connectivity services and integration among all organizations, systems, and solutions. Its intelligent network is designed to streamline clinical, financial and administrative communication between patients, providers, payers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and financial institutions. RelayHealth works to accelerate the delivery of high-quality care and improve financial performance through solutions such as online consultation of physicians by patients, electronic prescribing, point-of-service pharmacy claims resolution by payers, pre-visit patient financial clearance by providers, and post-visit provider bill settlement by payers and patients. RelayHealth securely processes more than 12.8 billion financial and clinical transactions annually.


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