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Run IT as a Business with Transparency, Visibility and Control

Communicate the cost, quality, and value of the services you deliver.

Upland ComSci is a cloud-based IT Financial Management (ITFM) solution that helps organizations manage and communicate the cost, quality, and value of the services they deliver to the enterprise. Upland ComSci drives business alignment, enables IT transparency, and promotes innovation. Run IT as a Business with Upland ComSci.

run IT as a business

Upland ComSci is a fully integrated cloud-based enterprise application consisting of three core modules that consume and process source data details to meet the cost visibility and demand management objectives of customers. Upland ComSci is built on a flexible, robust, and scalable SaaS-based architecture, and each of its core capabilities can be delivered independently or as a comprehensive ITFM offering:

  • Unit costing metrics for benchmarking or chargeback
  • Actionable metrics and analytics for cost reduction and service rationalization opportunities
  • Utilization and capacity metrics for “What If” analysis and modeling
  • Quantify and understand the TCO for all IT applications, solutions, and services
  • Configurable dashboards so each user gains at-a-glance visibility into the information most important to them
  • Delivers cost and consumption information to communicate the value IT delivers to the business in financial terms, not operational metrics
  • Strengthens partnership between Business and IT Executives
  • Moves relationship between IT and Business from “How much are we spending on IT?” to “How can IT help grow the business?”

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