5 Working-from-Home Tips for Marketers

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Good customer experiences start with good employee experiences. After all, it’s a lot easier to connect with your brand’s customers when your workplace is engaging and your coworkers are motivating.

Unfortunately, if you’re not used to working from home, transitioning to the work-from-home experience can be tough for marketers. You may feel yourself become disconnected, disengaged, and unfocused. Over time, this loss of focus can lead to a lack of inspiration or creativity – two qualities that are essential for effective marketing.

However, marketing from home doesn’t have to be hard. Here are 5 things you can do to make working from home work for you.

Build good habits.

Setting regular work hours, creating a dedicated workspace, establishing a routine – building good habits is the foundation to effectively working from home. But good habits don’t have to be limited to rigid work routines. It’s also a good idea to establish regular check-ins with your teammates via video or even just in a chat. Staying connected with your coworkers can keep you motivated – just don’t let your team get too distracted by memes!

Break bad habits.

As you form good habits, it’s also important to leave bad ones behind. After all, working from home should be comfortable, but you can’t get too comfortable! To do your best work at home, make sure to avoid the temptations of home life, such as leaving the TV on or making poor snack choices.

Take breaks – and make the most of them!

When you’ve got an important project to complete, you may find yourself skipping breaks to get more work done. But are you really getting more done? Breaks can help boost creativity and focus, and as marketers, staying sharp and creative is necessary for a job well done. Be sure to take breaks throughout the day to walk around the block or grab a healthy snack – the boost that a break can provide might be just what you need to finish that important project.

Rethink your meetings.

A good meeting leaves you feeling focused and motivated, while a bad one can sour your whole day – or maybe even your whole week. Meetings are a critical part of working from home, so mastering the art of the meeting is essential for keeping your team on the same page. When attending meetings, avoid working on other tasks or giving into distractions to get more out of your meetings. If you’re hosting a meeting, focus on the needs of your attendees to set your agenda and keep meetings interactive.

Use your downtime wisely.

Now that you’re no longer commuting to the office, you may find yourself with extra time in your day. While it’s important to spend time recharging your marketing batteries, some of this time can also be spent on learning and self-improvement. Odds are, there’s a course you’ve been meaning to take or a “must-read” book gathering dust on your shelf – why not tackle that now?

If your reading queue is running low, perhaps you’d like to further improve your approach to working from home. Our newest eBook, The Marketer’s Field Manual to Mastering the Work From Home Life, is a must-read for remote marketers. Whether you’re new to the home office life or you’re a seasoned WFHer, you’ll find tips for staying connected with coworkers, increasing productivity, and doing your best work – even when you’re not at work.

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