FileBound for Human Resources Management

Employee satisfaction begins with the first interaction.

So you’ve spent time, money, and effort finding the perfect employee. Yet with an inefficient HR process, that new hire may receive and accept a competing offer letter sooner. Or in the future, they could leave the company because they don’t get the service they need to feel valued. We understand; good help is hard to find, and sometimes harder to keep happy.

FileBound helps busy HR professionals navigate the complexities of human capital management from the first interaction through separation. FileBound gathers all documentation, from electronic forms to scanned documents and files from desktop applications. Automation ensures every step is completed on schedule and alerts you to any potential delays.

FileBound also collects and routes all required documents to new employees, creates requirements checklists, delivers notifications, and tracks activities while providing appropriate feedback. Over the course of an employee’s career, the system notifies the employee and/or HR staff when it is time to arrange a performance review, when forms need to be updated, or when training or certification is about to expire. Upon separation, FileBound ensures the employee record is stored in compliance with legal and corporate policies.


Whether documents are scanned, faxed, emailed, or printed, capture automation can save your team valuable time while ensuring any documents that indicate the presence of confidential information or sensitive data are quarantined for further review.

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Delivery & Workflow

FileBound Workflow is designed with user experience as a top priority. The graphical, drag-and-drop configuration allows users to easily automate even the most complex processes.

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Management & Storage

FileBound makes it easy to store and access all critical business content – scanned images, Word documents, audio/video files, email, and more – in a secure centralized repository.

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FileBound’s portal and assignment capabilities make both applying for a career and processing the application an easy, straightforward process. Applicants can access, download, modify and submit their applications using FileBound’s Forms Portal while the HR and hiring teams can route, interview and approve new hires all right from within the system.

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For every new employee added, FileBound can automatically create a set of onboarding documents required for each new hire and route them to the appropriate individuals or departments (e.g. IT, Facilities, etc.) to prepare for the new hire’s first day. A checklist is created and monitored to ensure all documents and tasks are completed in a timely manner.

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Employee Management

As the HR lifecycle progresses, the FileBound solution can be employed for everything from audit readiness to ensure documented processes are followed, to more service-on-demand scenarios where employees can make changes to benefit elections or request vacation.

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Similar to the Onboarding process, when an employee is terminated, FileBound can create the necessary documents and checklists that ensure that not only the employee’s files are handled properly, but also that their security and system rights have been disconnected. All tasks are assigned and tracked within the system while a master checklist monitors and displays all completed and outstanding assignments.

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Powerful Document Workflow Tools for Human Resources

The first step for HR professionals is to ensure you’re capturing the data and documents you need. Upland Intelligent Capture fits the universal needs of a document-intensive department while allowing the flexibility to tailor the solution to your needs.

The rules-based architecture built into the foundation of Intelligent Capture allows images, documents, and data alike to be automatically extracted and transformed mid-transit. Point-based transformations using functions like OCR, conversion, compression, and even more complex functions like forms extraction are automated to simplify processes – and unburden HR staff so they can focus on more high-value work.

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