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Upland Intelligent Capture Overview

With Intelligent Capture, end-users and admins alike will be able to harness the full value of a robust document capture solution — without the weight or complexities of an on-premise, server-based solution.

Harness the full value of robust document capture and workflow without the burden of an on-premise, server-based solution.

Upland Intelligent Capture lets organizations empower teams with cloud-accessible document capture software. Users can easily capture content from any device, then use pre-configured custom workflows to send it to the right place. Automatic image processing, OCR, and data extraction save time, and users can easily track and analyze captured documents and data with centralized dashboards.

Upland Intelligent Capture provides comprehensive capture technology that fits the universal needs of a document-intensive organization, while allowing the flexibility to tailor the solution to unique needs based on size or industry. The rules-based architecture built into the foundation of our product allows images, documents, and data alike to be automatically extracted and transformed mid-transit.

Reduce your maintenance headaches with cloud technology that requires no hardware purchase or upkeep. Upland Intelligent Capture delivers enterprise-ready cloud capture and can be easily customized and scaled to meet any organization’s unique needs based on size or industry.

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Solution benefits

  • Automatic image preprocessing ensures quality controls by detecting boundaries, cropping, and correcting perspective.
  • Machine learning enhances cloud capture by determining document types and identifying related processes, so you don’t have to.
  • Improve efficiency by automatically classifying structured, semi-structured, or unstructured documents and sending to workflows or recipients.
  • Automated optical character recognition (OCR) converts, compresses, and extracts data to deliver downstream to any application.
”Upland’s cloud solutions have allowed our customers to refocus their technology efforts toward enhancing the business workflow process by alleviating the everyday tasks of on-premise server maintenance and administration.”

Rachel Weseman
DCMWare, Inc.

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Trying to figure out if Upland Intelligent Capture is right for you? Take a look at our comparison matrix to understand the basics.

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