25 Journalists in Content Marketing: Advice, Accomplishments, Inspiration, and More

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“Attention Marketers: Hire a Journalist!” That’s the headline of a blog post by one of content marketing’s most revered pioneers, David Meerman Scott. He published it in May 2007.

Fast forward five years to today, and the field of content marketing is exploding, with many businesses heeding Scott’s call to action. Among the many to emerge from this boom are Jonah Bloom, a former editor of Advertising Age who is now executive director of content strategy at KBS+P, and Boeing’s Todd Blecher, who shared tips on “How to Hire a Journalist for Your Content Marketing Program” with Marketeer readers in March.

Earlier this year, the Marketeer began reaching out to some of the journalists creating content for those forward-thinking organizations. We cast our net wide, across B2B and B2C brands, as well as agencies and custom-publishing companies; to executives, staffers, freelancers, and consultants; to former (and sometimes current) newspaper reporters, magazine writers, broadcast producers, photojournalists, and digital editors.

We were curious about their experiences: What, exactly, were they doing for these brands? What had they accomplished in this new field of work? What inspired them? Which technological tools were they using? What kind of media and information did they regularly consume?

Perhaps most of all, we wondered what advice these experienced content creators had for today’s marketers, many of whom are new to the quantity and quality of publishing businesses are now seeking to produce.

Click through the slideshow for valuable insights from these accomplished folks, including former award-winning reporters and Pulitzer Prize nominees; editors from major companies such as General Mills; and many more.

We realize journalists may not be the right fit for every content marketing operation, and we want to know more about your experiences and thoughts on this topic. Please share yours in the comments, and we’ll continue to follow this trend in future posts here at the Marketeer.


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