A Content Marketer’s Toast to Twitter: 8 Stats About Twitter & Marketing

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Upland Admin

Today, Twitter went public.

The shares started at $26 per share, and closed at $44.90. That’s 73% increase. Not too shabby for something that was first explained as a micro-blogging service by the New York Times in 2006, and is now considered one of the leading social networks for personal and business communication.

As content marketers, we interact with Twitter on a daily basis. It’s one of the most effective (and efficient) ways to distribute content, share ideas, interact with customers and prospects, build out brand personalities, drive traffic and (now) capture leads.

So in honor of this big day in the Twittersphere (#TwitterIPO), we wanted to share a few stats that show just how much Twitter has impacted marketing over the last 7 years:

85% of content marketers use Twitter for distribution. (Content Marketing Institute)

U.S. brands tweet an average of 221 times per week in 2013. (Brandwatch)

63% of brands have multiple Twitter accounts. (Mashable)

Average corporate Twitter accounts for a large company: 39.2. (Altimeter Group)

Companies with more than 1,000 Twitter followers generate more than 800 new website visitors a month. (HubSpot)

64% of users are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter. (KISSmetrics)

36% of all marketers have acquired a customer via Twitter, with B2B companies leading the pack. (HubSpot)

30% of brands experience increased customer loyalty after establishing a social media presence. (HubSpot)

For the reasons above and the new opportunities emerging (Twitter cards, EventParrot, embedded tweets, expanded images), marketing eyes are focused on Twitter.

For more stats and a synopsis of Twitter’s history, check out the SlideShare below:

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